Becoming a product tester can be fun and lucrative and there are plenty of opportunities if you know where to look.  Brands often look for testers online in order to increase their profile and gain positive reviews.

For the most part, brands will simply offer a free sample size product in exchange for testing but, in some instances, they’ll also pay cash and other high-value rewards for the right candidate. Just a simple search, and you will find them.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Product Tester

Freebies – You’ll stand to receive lots of free products which you get to keep in exchange for your work as a tester.

Cold Hard Cash – While free products are the most common recompense for product testing, some brands will also pay actual cash for your services.

Career Opportunities – A number of leading YouTube stars and bloggers began their careers as beauty product testers.

Work From Home – Product testing is a job that can be done 100% from home, making it a great choice for those juggling childcare and other commitments.

50 Of The Best Websites For Starting Your Product Tester Career

Best Tech And Electronic Product Testing Sites

If your life is all about the tech, then you may want to consider choosing this as your product testing niche (and who would blame you as you can end up getting some pretty high value freebies).  A few of the best sites for this are:


Amazon-based Cashbackbase offers real life, great products from various categories in return for online reviews and feedback.

An influencer reward site, Toluna is a great first stop for new product testers looking to try their hand at getting free and discounted products and services in exchange for their opinion.

If apps, websites and tech prototypes are your thing, then User Testing may be right up your street – quite literally.  They’ll send you online testing projects to complete in exchange for rewards.

Best Sites For Beauty Product Testers


The Pink Panel

If health and beauty are your bag then this is a great niche to get into as there are plenty of opportunities to be had.  The following are some of the best sites to get onboard with within this niche:

Crowdville is a great site and community which allows testers to complete projects in their own time and completely online.  Rewards vary from project to project but can include free products, gift cards and even cash payment.

You’ll bee glad that you signed up with Bzz Agent as the site partners with some of the best brands in the world and offers free products and great rewards – all you need to do is receive your product and shout about it on social media, including the hashtags that the brand requires you to use.

A ladies only site, The Pink Panel focuses on a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products which the tester gets to keep.  In addition, great testers will receive gifts cards of a value between $50 and $100 in payment for their time.

Marie Claire is one of the world’s leading fashion and beauty magazines and, the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club offers testers a chance to receive products that can range from a new lipstick to the latest designer purse.

As a bonus, testers will also receive access to exclusive offers, events, and competitions.

Another popular fashion magazine, Glamour is read by beauty fans and fashionistas all over the world and, budding product testers can join up to the magazine’s reader panel.  Once a member, testers will receive products to review as well as access to competitions.


With the Vogue Insiders membership scheme, you’ll get to receive exclusive products to keep – and all you have to do in return is let them have your opinion.

Dedicated followers of fashion will be in their element with this site which is owned by InStyle Magazine.  In exchange for reviews and feedback, testers will receive free products to review as well as copies of the magazine itself.


Another one to bookmark for the ladies, SheSpeaks is a site which primarily specialises in giveaways, polls and recipes but it also includes some product testing opportunities on occasion.

A ladies only site, VocalPoint is a one stop shop for product testers and items include cosmetics, clothing, beauty products, books and more.

L’oreal excels at producing high quality hair and beauty products including cosmetics, skincare and sun care and, product testers can sign up to receive some fantastic products to test.

Sites For Clinical Product Testing And Research

Alba Science

Alba Science specialises in clinical and commercial studies and invites testers to take part in research in exchange for expenses and rewards.  Although projects can be in-depth and complex, they often pay well – for example, $70 expenses for completing a project.

Sites For Food And Drink Product Testers

Minute Rice

Minute Rice is a tasty way of getting started as a product tester as it offers membership to its recipe club for which you’ll receive products and samples to test, coupons and also special discounts.  A great option for the foodies out there.

You may be aware of Good Housekeeping magazine already but, what you may not know is that UK and USA readers can join up to the Good Housekeeping Institute Panel in order to receive free products for testing.

Influencster specialises in food and snack products which testers receive free of charge in exchange for reviews.

The McCormmick food company is dedicated to improving its products through testing and, as such, not only to testers receive free products to test but, they’ll also be paid cash for their time – between $30 and $100 if testing is conducted on site and, between $10 and $15 if the testing is conducted at home.

You may have heard of General Mills and Small Planet food products and, now you can get your hands on some of them for free through the Mills Advisory Panel.  Sign up to get free samples of food and snacks in exchange for feedback.

Sites For Parent Product Testers

A great option for parents, Parenting Magazine not only offers some great advice and tips but members can also receive free products to test which can include baby items, books, toys, DVDs and more. On occasion, products may even include high-value items such as strollers and furniture. Check its sweepstake page, and you can find all the things you can easily enter to win.

Staying with the parenting theme, MomsMeet is actively seeking Mom Ambassadors to try a range of green and natural products and provide honest feedback.

Another parenting option, MomSelect is exclusive to mothers and offers some great products to test on a regular basis for its members.

Sites For Party People Product Testers


For party people product testers, HouseParty is a great site for getting your hands on free samples of items which are popular for entertaining.

An offshoot of House Party, Chatterbox lets you have free products to test without having to actually hold a party.

Sites For Clothing And Shoes Product Testers

Brooks Shoes

Fans of sneakers and sportswear will come running to this site which focuses on surveys on sports and sports shoes.  Although testers may occasionally get to keep the shoes, often these will need to be returned to the company (postage pre-paid) for testing.

The world’s favorite sports shoe company offers a program which testers can sign up to in order to receive free shoes to test.  There are some terms and conditions which you should check out on the site before signing up.

Similar to the Nike program, New Balance swaps shoes for reviews for selected product testers.

If you don’t fancy having to hand your new shoes back, the Reebok Testing Panel may be the one for you.  Reebok allows you to keep your products in exchange for testing them.

Sites For Tech And Electronics Product Testers


Tech lovers are welcomed into the Roku Beta Testing Program which allows testers to get their hands on software in order to test and give feedback on features and channels.

The mighty Microsoft is a technology world leader and, selected product testers are given the chance to try out games and software for free in exchange for their opinions.

Sites For Teacher Product Testers

Specifically for teachers, Mead offers lots of product testing opportunities as well as handy tips, advice and competitions.


Book lovers can join up to RedBook to receive free books and short stories to review.  The site also allows users to enter competitions to win prizes such as luxury beauty products and cosmetics.

Parents who home school their children will be top of the class with this panel which offers free home school-related products for testing.

Sites For Homewares Product Testers


The manufacturers of some of the world’s most popular cleaning products are now inviting testers to receive freebies for review – as well as being able to clean up on advice and offers through the website.

BuzzBack sends testers household items and beauty products in exchange for points which can be redeemed as Paypal payments or free gift cards for popular stores, both online and real world.

Sites For General Product Testers

If you’re not fussy about the kind of products you test, or haven’t yet found your niche, the following sites will be right up your street:


An online influencer site, Pinecone offers free products and other rewards in exchange for user testing, reviews and feedback.

The online giant which needs no introduction is a great place to start for the newbie product tester as it offers a huge number of opportunities whereby users can receive free products, discounts and other rewards in exchange for customer  and product reviews.

Clicks Research is delightfully straightforward in that it sends you some great products which you then test, submit your finding and receive points and freebies in return.

A product testing and opinion site i-Say rewards testers with gift cards from leading online and bricks and mortar stores.

You’ll want to pinch yourself when joining up with this site as, unlike most product testing sites, you actually get to choose the product that you wish to test.  PINCHme allows you to test a new product (which you get to keep) every two weeks.

As the name suggests, testers can get their hands on some great swag on this site.  Joining up is free and easy and testers are sent some fantastic products to test and review.

This community is free to sign up to and testers will not only receive brand new free products and surveys to complete but they’ll also get the chance to appear in the magazine and the All You website.

Product testers will have plenty to smile about when joining up to this site which offers a wide range of products to test in exchange for feedback.

Snuggle Bear Den

Fans of Snuggle products will embrace the Bear Den panel which offers the opportunity to test products, receive special offers and be privy to news and announcements.

An Amazon based site, CrowdTap lets you test Amazon products for free in exchange for a review on the Amazon site for each product received.

Manufacturing health care products since 1886, Johnson and Johnson know a thing or two about making products that people love.  Product testers can join the Friends & Neighbours Panel in order to take part in tests, focus groups, surveys and forums.


An in-depth testing and information site, In Home Product Testing pays testers points which can be redeemed for online gift certificates as well as sending them free products to test and keep.

You’ve no doubt already come across Tide’s cleaning products and, now you can get hold of them for free by signing up to the website and offering feedback on products.

The clue’s in the name with this one – Tester Job offers product testing jobs to members of the public and it’s 100% free to join.  Simply sign up on the website to gain access to over 2500 product tester opportunities.

This UK based site offers product testers a whole host of free products including sunglasses, homewares and beauty products and sign up is completely free.

How To Find Product Tester Jobs And Get Ahead Of The Competition


As we’ve mentioned, product testing can be highly competitive and, so, you’ll need to be proactive if you want to beat the competition and get hold of the best opportunities.  Because of this, it’s essential to have a strategy and, this should include:

Rapid Response

Your first line of defence when it comes to beating the competition is to make sure that you respond to any opportunities in a timely manner.  Where possible, it’s a good idea to set up alerts to make sure that you’re notified of opportunities as they happen.

The best way is to subscribe to their newsletters. Often, product testing jobs are issued on a ‘first come, first served basis so, if you snooze, you lose!

Get It Write

Make sure that you focus on writing really strong, detailed reviews of the products that you test.  Brands and manufacturers are looking for testers who are professional and who take the time to put together a fair and thoughtful review with clear photographs.

When writing your review, make sure that you keep the reader in mind in order to give a comprehensive review of the product while pre-empting the kinds of questions that the reader may have.

Get Into The Review Habit

Brands and manufacturers will often seek testers who fit into a particular demographic – and they can only find you if you are a prolific reviewer.

Get into the habit of writing reviews for each and every product that you purchase and, take the time to make sure that your review is comprehensive and includes all the great and not-so-great features of the product.

When starting out, try to write at least one review each day in order to get yourself into the habit of doing this as part of your daily routine.

Work On Relationships

On occasion, you’ll get to learn the name of the person in charge of product testing for a brand.

These rare instances are a golden opportunity for you to build up a relationship with the brand so be sure to seek out the person on social media and to engage with them in a professional and friendly way.

The idea here is to make your name known to top brands as somebody who can be relied on to provide really strong reviews in a timely manner.

True Testing

This may sound like stating the obvious but, always make sure that you properly test the product.

This means spending some time figuring out how it works and what it can do and then writing a review that touches on the kind of questions that potential purchasers may ask, such as:

  • What did you like about it?
  • What did you not like about it?
  • Was it easy to use?
  • Were instructions included?
  • Is it durable?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • What could be better about it?

Reviews exist to inform potential customers about a product so all of these questions should be answered within your review.

How To Become A Professional Product Tester

Once you’ve got the hang of responding to opportunities and of writing great, informative product reviews, you may decide that you like the idea of becoming a professional product tester.  While this is absolutely possible, it takes a fair amount of work and determination.

To become a professional product tester, you need to become the sort of person that brands will actively seek out.  The following is our guide to becoming a professional product tester:

Investing In Your New Career As A Product Tester

To begin with, you’ll need to accept the fact that you may have to actually purchase some products in order to build up your portfolio as a product tester.

The more great reviews you’ve written, the better your chances so, it’s worth researching the brands which offer regular opportunities and then purchasing a few of their products in order to review them.

While this will involve spending your own cash, it’s an essential first step in establishing yourself as a force to be reckoned with in the product testing world.

Choose Your Product Tester Niche

We’ve talked about the importance of reviewing as many products as possible, however, if you’re determined to become a professional product tester then your best chance is to specialise.

Why?  If a sportswear brand is looking for professional product testers, they won’t be interested in the fact that you have reviewed soft drink and software products.  Have a think about the kind of product that you are particularly interested in and then make that sector your niche.

This will help you to gain the attention of the brands you’re targeting and, also take the pain out of those initial investments as you’re buying products that you actually want and will use.

Start Your Product Tester Website

If you’re looking to become a professional tester then having your own website is absolutely essential.  Your website serves as a showcase for our product testing talents and will help brands to find you so, make sure that it looks great, includes plenty of contact information and, be sure to upload photos and images of your work.

These days, you can set up a website really quickly and cheaply so there’s absolutely no excuse for not doing so.

The Art Of Networking For The Professional Product Tester

If you become a star product tester then there’s a good chance that brands will come looking for you – but that doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and wait.

You need to be really proactive in reaching out to the brands which interest you in order to create and build a relationship.  Create a spreadsheet of the companies which interest you and seek out their contact details and social media pages.

You can then get in touch to pitch your services as a tester, including links to your website and social media so that they can see your work for themselves.  The trick here is to contact brands in a professional and friendly manner in order to market yourself as a pro.

Under no circumstances should you badger brands, although, if you haven’t received a response within a few weeks, it’s fine to send a polite follow up email.

Marketing Your Services As A Product Reviewer

As a professional product tester, you need to start thinking of yourself as a brand and, what does any great brand need for success?  Great marketing.  Now that you’ve got your website and social media pages set up, it’s time to let people know about them.

You can do this by posting great content on your social media pages and promoting your YouTube channel.  This may take a little bit of cash investment to begin with but, it’s vital for making sure that your name becomes known within the industry.

Starting Your Product Reviewing Blogs And Vlogs

Blogs and Vlogs

Blogging is a really effective way of setting yourself up as a thought leader within a niche as well as attracting the attention of big name brands.  To be successful with this, you need to make sure that you research the niche thoroughly and are able to write about it with passion and enthusiasm.  When combining a blog with a YouTube channel, you have a really good chance of setting yourself up as an industry influencer which, of course, means that you’ll become sought after by the brands that you’re targeting.

You can get started with blogging by:

Sign up with WordPress which is a cheap and really user-friendly site for bloggers.

Choose and register a domain name (this should be a name that explains what it is that you do).  You can register your domain name at:   This shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars.

Choose a web host – There are plenty of these to choose from, including:

Populate your blog with at least three or four posts before going live

Be sure to include photographs and videos on your blog site

Post new blogs regularly – but not too regularly.  Two or three new blog posts a week is enough to keep your followers interested

You can set up a YouTube channel by:

  • Check out sites such as YouTube or TikTok to find the one which suits your requirements and your reviewing style
  • Sign up with your chosen site (this is usually free to do)
  • Create a killer profile on your channel
  • Use your phone or a video camera to create some great review videos and upload a few of these before you go live
  • Be sure to add tags and descriptions to your videos
  • Strike the right balance when it comes to uploading new content – as a general rule of thumb, two or three times a week is more than enough
  • Engage with other channels to build up your following
  • Promote your channel on your other social media platforms

Become An Affiliate

Now that you have all of your pages, websites and channels set up, you’re well on your way to becoming a professional product tester.  Your final step is to become a brand affiliate.

This basically means that you become an ambassador for a brand and, also, make a little cash by promoting the brand’s products.  There are some really good affiliate sites to sign up to and some of these are:


You may already be aware that Fiverr is a freelancer platform that matches great freelancers with great projects.

Fiverr offers a fantastic affiliate scheme with which you can earn some serious cash (in some cases, up to $1000 per project sale). All you need to do is sign up and promote projects to start the cash rolling in.


We mentioned Bluehost earlier in our list of web hosting services and, not only can you get great hosting from them, you can also earn some cash here as an affiliate.  Simply get onto the site and sign up in order to start making referrals.

You’ll receive credits for each referral which can then be converted to cash.


Referral Candy pays you $20 per referral – all you need to do is sign up and then start making referrals for online stores, including beauty and cosmetic stores.  While this one may not earn you the big bucks, it’s a good way of making contacts and keeping those funds trickling in.

Becoming an affiliate is a great way of adding a side gig to your product testing career and, more importantly, earns you some easy cash to make sure that those bills get paid; particularly when you’re first starting out as a beauty product tester.


Becoming a product tester can be great fun and can also lead to you becoming an influencer within your niche – which means that you can then attract advertising revenue.  Although it is, without a doubt, a rewarding and sometimes lucrative endeavor, you’ll only get there if you’re prepared to put in the work first.

Before starting out, make sure that your ‘brand’ is in place by putting together your website and social pages and populating them with some killer content.

You’ll also need to be prepared to put in the time to do some solid networking in order to make contacts – including sometimes being a little brazen when asking for product testing opportunities.

As long as you’re happy to put in the work, this can be a great little earner and might even turn you into a digital product testing superstar.