Amazon gift cards are prepaid gift items you can redeem and purchase items with on Amazon and its merchant’s partners.

You can buy just about anything with a gift card balance. Amazon offered gift cards in 3 types; Physical, eGift Card, and Anytime Gifts.

In this, you will learn everything you need to know about Amazon gift card usage.

Can I Transfer the Amazon Gift Card Balance to a Bank Account?

No. You can’t transfer an Amazon gift card balance to a bank account.

This applies to your bank account or another account. While that’s the case according to Amazon Terms and Conditions, there are some ways where you might transfer the balance to another account.

Check out your options!

First, call Amazon customer support, and if the issue is within their scope, they definitely help you transfer the balance to another customer service. Otherwise, you can just sell the gift card to someone else.

Second, you can place an order to buy some items using the gift card balance and cancel the order later.

As a result, Amazon will return the amount to your wallet, after which you can request to transfer it to your bank account. It may take you a week or more, but it works.

How To Check An Amazon Gift Card Balance?

How To Check An Amazon Gift Card Balance

Amazon stores available balance when you apply a gift card to your account for purchases. You can view the balance anytime.

In order to view the gift card balance:

Login to Your Account and select gift cards to view the balance on any of your gift cards on the account. Just login to your account and from the Amazon homepage and hover over Accounts & List, then click “Your Account”.

You will see a “Gift Cards” box; click it. In the next section, you will see the gift card balance, besides recent transactions.

You can also check the Amazon gift card balance via mobile device:

Log in to your account. On the top left of the screen tap on the three parallel lines and scroll down, then hit “Your Account.” then Amazon Wallet through a scroll down and tap “Manage balance.”

On the page, you can view the balance and recent transactions.

How To Transfer An Amazon Gift Card Balance To Another Account?

Can I send my Amazon gift card balance to someone else? Yes, it’s possible to do so.

According to Amazon’s terms and conditions, it’s not possible to transfer your gift card to another account. However, you can contact Amazon Support and they will un-redeem your gift card so you can redeem it to another account.

Still, you can order to buy some items using a gift card balance and cancel the order later. Amazon will return the balance in your wallet and you can request to send the balance to another account.

How To Transfer The Amazon Gift Card Balance To Paypal?

In order to transfer an Amazon gift card balance to a PayPal account, you will need two PayPal accounts.

One account should share your “name” with an Amazon gift card, while the second can be a friend account.

Link the Amazon gift card with your main PayPal account to act as a payment option similar to a Credit/Debit card. Send the balance to the second PayPal account and charge the gift card.

From the second PayPal account, you can resend the balance back to your PayPal account and withdraw the cash to your bank.

Otherwise, you can link the gift card to a second account and send the balance to your primary account—one that is linked to your bank account (via credit/Debit card) and able to perform swift money transfers.

transfer Amazon gift card balances to PayPal

How to transfer gift card balances to PayPal?

Simple steps to follow:

  1. Login into your main PayPal account
  2. On the menu page, click on the invoice.
  3. Create an invoice.
  4. On the invoice, add the second PayPal email address in the bill to the option.
  5. Then enter the gift card amount in the price tab.
  6. Click on the send button.
  7. The second PayPal account will receive an invoice.
  8. Now log in to the second PayPal account.
  9. Check on the notification to find the invoice.
  10. Pay the invoice with the gift card linked to the second PayPal account.
  11. The main PayPal account will receive the balance
  12. Move the cash to your bank via a swift money transfer.

How to link Amazon gift cards to PayPal accounts?

No, PayPal doesn’t allow this kind of transfer, hence the need for two accounts. However, PayPal will allow you to shop using the gift card balance.

Simply link the gift card number as a debit/credit in the wallet section of your PayPal. Hence, you can use the gift card as a payment option.

How To Not Use Gift Card Balance On Amazon?

Can you not use a gift card balance or remove it from Amazon?

Yes, you can keep your Amazon gift card balance and use it for a later date. If you don’t want to use your gift card balance on Amazon, save it for another occasion. Just check out without using your gift card balance.

On Amazon checkout, proceed to checkout without using the gift card balance. Uncheck the box next to the use of your gift and promotional balance.

However, if you don’t see these options during checkout, select change under the payment method heading to the last page prior to placing the order.


Now you are on the know-how of the Amazon gift card balance. You can easily check your gift card balance, transfer your Amazon gift card balance to your bank account, or even PayPal.

Note, some solutions go against Amazon’s Terms and Conditions regarding gift cards. However, they work to your advantage.


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