Everyone knows about Survey Junkie, and its more than 10 million users can attest to its legitimacy. Survey Junkie is the best online paid survey hosting platform, gives away regular pay, and follows strict rules. If you want to earn some extra money, you can try Survey Junkie, for sure!

10 Survey junkie Hack to Earn More Money

People usually try to find Survey Junkie hack, which will let them earn guaranteed money. The money you will make using Survey Junkie can be later used to pay phone bills and house rent or do anything else that your heart desires!

Survey Junkie is not a typical job that you do; instead, it’s a platform to earn additional income. The more surveys you complete, the more points you can make, which can be later converted into cash.

So, it shouldn’t come up as a surprise when so many people look for Survey Junkie review hacks.

If you are reading our blog until now, then you must have been looking for hacks for Survey Junkie as well. Don’t worry; we have got you covered and will talk about the top ten hacks that you can try to earn more money through Survey Junkie.

1.You Must Create A Separate Email Account Dedicated for Survey Junkie

Create A Separate Email Account

If you are serious about using Survey Junkie and don’t want your personal or professional email to be loaded with survey emails, we recommend creating a separate email for Survey Junkie. You may use this separate email for all the extra income work that you do.

The reason why we suggest creating a separate email ID is that no one likes their work and personal emails to get all mixed up. Also, when there are too many different emails, there is a big chance that you will miss out on a few critical Survey Junkie emails.

By having a separate email, you will keep track of the Survey Junkie emails without any hassle. Creating an email is no biggie! Go on and create one.

2.Don’t Create Multiple Accounts on Survey Junkie

When you will register on Survey Junkie, make sure to stick to one account only. You may feel that by creating multiple accounts on Survey Junkie, you may enhance your chances of earning more money. However, things don’t work that way.

Survey Junkie knows that people try different methods to earn more. If they detect that multiple accounts are getting created by the same IP address, all the accounts may get suspended. Stay out of trouble, and stick to one account only.

3.Have Clear Goals Right from the Beginning


This one is instead a typical hack but quite an important one. When you create an account on Survey Junkie, be dedicated to it. Have a set goal from the beginning. Think about the number of surveys you will fill in a day.

Think about the monthly income goal, and proceed accordingly. Once you have set goals, you will find it easier to manage your Survey junkie account.

4.You Must Complete Your Personal Profile

Survey Junkie Home

Survey Junkie needs to trust its users as much as you need to trust this platform. Once you begin to create your account and start building your profile, don’t stop in the middle.

Finish everything, and then proceed. There will be some generic questions in the first part, followed by some questions about your personality.

Users who have a complete profile have better chances of earning at Survey Junkie. So, if you are already a member of this platform and you are not earning as much as you expected, see if your profile is complete or not.

5.Never Miss Any Emails From Survey Junkie


All the surveys that Survey Junkie will send to you will have a fixed time limit. You need to submit that survey within the allotted time limit only. The faster you respond, the faster your account will be updated.

Therefore, whenever you receive an email from Survey Junkie, ensure to click on that. You can turn on the notification for this email account so that you never miss an update.

6.Answer As Many Surveys As Possible

What is the purpose of creating a Survey Junkie account if you don’t want to answer any of the surveys? Here’s a hack that you must know about. Survey Junkie allows only a limited number of responders!

Yes, you heard it right! Everyone doesn’t get counted, and everyone doesn’t earn points for completing a survey.

You will if you fall under the first responders. This is why you must keep checking your email regularly, and as soon as you see an update, click on it, and complete the survey without wasting any time. There will be tons more like you who will be participating.

7.Make an Estimation of the Surveys

The best part about Survey Junkie is that it provides you with a few estimates. Firstly, you will get to know about the estimated time that you have at hand to finish the survey.

Secondly, you will get to know about the reward point you will receive upon completing a survey. Thirdly, what probability do you have in qualifying for a survey? Do consider these estimations carefully before you go for a survey.

8.Make Sure to Answer For the Surveys Honestly

Answer For the Surveys Honestly

Survey Junkie looks for honest contestants. Even though we have been telling you to act fast, you need to honestly answer all the survey questions.

If you answer surveys dishonestly, keep in mind that Survey Junkie may stop recommending surveys to you thoroughly. Prove this platform that you are honest, and Survey Junkie can count on you. Read the questions carefully, and answer appropriately.

9.Remain Consistent Always

The second last hack that we have for you is to remain consistent. By consistent, we mean being consistent in filling up the survey every day and being truthful with the answers. Survey Junkie has no issue rewarding its customers;

the only thing this platform will expect from you is your honesty and being loyal to the company. This is how you are going to reap all the benefits.

10.Try Other Similar Sites

Just like Survey Junkie, there are many other similar legit survey-related sites as well, which we think you should try. It is always better to create an account with the top survey sites that will let you earn extra points, which you can later convert into cash rewards.

Part2: Survey junkie review and FAQs

Survey junkie review

How do I make money fast on Survey Junkie?

The best way to enhance your earning skills with Survey Junkie is to never miss any survey. Also, you must make sure to fill up the surveys honestly and as soon as possible.

Please note that Survey Junkie doesn’t share rewards with everyone. It gives away points to the members who are fast, respond quickly, answer honestly, and remain consistent with the platform.

Does Survey Junkie pay you?

Yes, Survey Junkie is here for quite some time, and this is a legit survey filling platform where you get points for submitting each survey, considering you are on time and your answers are honest.

You get one point for completing one survey, and one point is one cent. You need to earn 100 points to earn $1, and you can cash out after you get 500 points, which equals $5.

How long does it take to receive money from Survey Junkie?

The minimum number of points that you need to cash out your money is 500. 500 points equal to $5. You can redeem the points through PayPal or as a gift card. If you choose, then it’s PayPal that will take the time to send the money to your bank account. PayPal usually takes 2 to 3 business days.

Why do I never qualify for surveys on Survey Junkie?

This will usually happen when you don’t answer the surveys correctly. The surveys that will be sent out to you will be programmed in a way that can easily detect whether you are answering the surveys truthfully or simply answering because you want to finish it off.

If you are doing this, then it is pretty evident for the survey to get declined, and this could be why you are not getting qualified for surveys on Survey Junkie.

Is Survey Junkie worth the time?

Yes, Survey Junkie is worth it. However, different people will have different experiences. You need to be patient to reap the benefits. Be consistent, take it seriously, wait for at least 500 points to get accumulated, and withdraw it.

Once you do, you will then realize that this site is worth it.

How much can you make a day on Survey Junkie?

A lot will depend on the demographics and the number of surveys you can complete. In general, most users have claimed that they have earned close to $2.00 to $5.00 per hour on Surveys by completing the surveys honestly.

Do you have to pay taxes on Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie won’t charge you for the points that you earn. The points that you earn and the money that you get will give you the self-employed status. Now, since the money will eventually come to your account, you will be held accountable for the earnings, which means you may have to pay taxes for that.

How much can you make on Survey Junkie in a month?

This one, yet again, will depend on your demographics. Some people say that they receive one to four surveys a week, while others receive more.

However, the money you will earn through Survey Junkie will be enough to pay your Netflix bills. Most of the Survey Junkie users have said that they have earned at least $200 in a month.

How can I make a lot of money fast?

There is no shortcut to making a lot of money fast. You can try survey sites like Survey Junkie and others. You can participate in sports betting, do online market trading, do freelance writing jobs, and more.

Part3: Top 5 Survey junkie alternatives


If you are looking for similar sites like Survey Junkie, here are the five alternatives that you can try.

Pinecone Research:

This site will let you earn money by completing surveys and testing products. This survey site will pay you up to $5 for every survey that you complete.


The next legit survey site that you can try is InboxDollars. Once you register on their site, you will earn a bonus reward of $5, and later for each survey, you will earn more money.

Vindale Research:

Vindale Research is one of the most preferred survey sites to go for. This one works a bit differently. It matches the surveys based on your profile, which means the surveys will be pretty interesting.


LifePoints has become the best survey site and allows you to earn up to $10 for each complete survey.


Here’s the final alternative for you. This site goes beyond surveys. It lets you earn money by watching videos, shopping online, and, as you can expect, by taking surveys.