In case you’re looking for answers to what credit cards does Costco accepts, then here you’ll get your answers.


On the Costco application, you’ll see that your choices open up to different kinds of charge cards. Costco is an individual’s just stockroom club with an enormous and valuable 110 million individuals.


The Costco site demonstrates that, notwithstanding Visa cards, you can utilize a Mastercard or Discover card as a Costco payment method.


In case you are an incessant Costco customer, the least complex answer for Visa spending at the store might be pursuing the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi.


What Credit Card Does Costco Accept?


With every one of the choices and accommodations, Costco gives its individuals, it’s astounding how restricted the retailer is about charge cards.


Having a Credit Card prepared to pay for every one of the startling finds at the store is a smart thought, however, you better ensure it’s a Visa card.


In case you’re a customary customer at Costco, picking the right Visa charge card could assist you with acquiring rewards quicker.


The accompanying cards would make great organization for the Costco participation card that sits in your wallet.


Here are the top-notch accepted cards at Costco with all the required information you need to know.


Card Detail Credit Needed Annual Fee
Chase Freedom Unlimited


None $0
Visa Business Card by Citi Costco Membership $0
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card None $95
PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card None $0



Costco Payment Methods Inquiries

Costco payment

1. What kind of credit cards does Costco take in-store?

Starting at 2021, Visa is the main Visa that Costco acknowledges. If you don’t have a Visa, you can pay with cash, checks, charge cards/ATM, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), or Costco Cash Cards.


2. What credit cards does Costco online take?

Costco online acknowledges all Visa Cards, MasterCard, Discover Cards, Costco Shop cards, most of the PIN-based charge or ATM cards, and Visa checkout.


3. What credit cards does Costco take at the gas pump?

Costco distribution centers and service stations just accept all Visa cards, Costco Citi cards, most PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards, and Costco Shop Cards (gift vouchers). They don’t acknowledge Mastercard, American Express, or Discover cards.


4. Does Costco take Apple Pay? And how to use it?

Costco does take Apple Pay as an installment strategy at most stockroom areas and Costco service stations starting in 2021. Except for this, it also accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


When using Apple Pay during checkout, just hold your phone near the NFC card reader and your payment will be done so easily!


On the off chance that paying using Apple Pay in the United States, Costco will just acknowledge Visa charges or Visa MasterCard that is connected to the Apple Pay wallet.


5. Does Costco accept MasterCard?

No. You cannot use MasterCard in Costco stores as it only works with cards inside the Visa network.

You may need to pay with cash or other methods instead, or just simply get a Visa card.

6. Does Costco take cash?

Yes. Costco accepts cash as its payment method. You can use cash to make purchases in every Costco grocery store but it is not accepted at the Costco gas station.


7. Does Costco only accept visas?

Costco just acknowledges cards that work on the Visa organization. All the more expansively, Costco has a select agreement with Visa that precludes the utilization of some other credit card organizations, including, Discover, and Debit cards.


8. Does Costco accept PayPal?

Costco doesn’t utilize PayPal both coming up and online as a substantial type of installment either in the U.S. or then again in Canada.


Nonetheless, you can pay at Costco utilizing all Visa cards, PIN-based charge and ATM cards, money, individual and business checks, and through versatile installment techniques.


9. Does Costco take checks?

Individual checks should be pre-printed with the part’s name and address and introduced by the part. To pay with a check, you are required to show a valid Driver’s License, State, or Military ID issued by the government.


Checks, money, and EBT are not acknowledged at, Costco Gas Stations or Costco Car Washes.


10.  Does Costco take AmEx?

American Express isn’t acknowledged at Costco stores. It’s the main significant card backer that isn’t acknowledged at any accessible buy point from the distributor.


This might amaze a few customers because Costco used to have a selective in-store relationship with Amex. In earlier years, American Express was the main Visa you could use at Costco.


However, you can still connect your American Express card to the Costco App and then buy things online.


11. Does Costco take debit cards?

You can utilize a Pin-based Debit card anyplace you would and make buys online at Costco.


You can also connect your debit cards to the mobile app as a convenient way to make contactless payments while shop on Costco.

12. What are the Costco credit card benefits?

Here are some of Costco credit cards benefits:

  • 1%on any remaining gas buys more than the $7,000 edge
  • It also gives you 1% back on all the other things
  • 4% back on qualified gas buys for the first $7,000 in quite a while each year
  • Also, 2% cashback for Costco distribution center and buys
  • 3% on cafés and qualified travel


13. How to apply for a Costco credit card?

Costco individuals can apply for the selective Costco Anywhere Visa card and set aside much more cash. You can finish the application interaction on the web, via mobile, or in a Costco store.


If your application is supported, you can anticipate that your new card should show up via the post office within seven to 10 workdays.


14. How to Apply for Costco Business Card?

In case you’re applying for a business card, be ready to submit data that incorporates your place of work, mobile number, charge ID, charge construction and income, and a number of representatives.


To become a Costco member and make easy shop, it is better to have a Visa card as it is the only credit card network that works with Costco.


Picking the right Visa Card for your Costco buys can guarantee you have a trouble-free way of paying.