Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells postage stamps at the MoneyCenter, customer service desk, and website, where a book of 20 stamps is available for $8, and varying quantities online are available all year round.

For more information on buying postage stamps at Walmart, read below.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps In-Store?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps. Any time you need a postage stamp, check in at a Walmart store nearby. The Walmart MoneyCenter, customer service desk is the location to find stamps in the store.

Remember that Walmart MoneyCenter and customer service desks don’t provide continuous access and run on their hours from 8 pm until 10 pm.

Moreover, different Walmart stores will list extra hours, hence call the local Walmart to inquire on operational time to buy stamps.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps Online?

Yes, you can buy stamps at online. You can shop for a bevy of different types of postage stamps. Walmart sells varying quantities of stamps online compared to the store location.

Also, third-party sellers (such as MGS Solutions, PRB Products, and The Tentex Group) offer a wide range of stamps at Walmart online.

You can buy postage stamps, souvenir stamps, or even coil featuring 100 stamps.

You can also purchase stamps at Walmart Online. Here, you’ll find an even more extensive selection of stamps. Walmart Online makes it easy for you to pick out the stamps you need and have them directly shipped to your door within a few days.

What Kind Of Stamps Can You Buy At Walmart?

Walmart does sell a bevy of stamps, including Forever and First Class US postage stamps, at all of their store locations.

Walmart also stores postage stamps, souvenir stamps, and coil featuring 100 stamps. Also, you can shop some regular types that you’ll find at any USPS postal office.

The postage stamps can be purchased individually in packs of 20 and 100—the parking price ranges from $0.55 to $ 91. Buy stamps within Walmart’s regular trading hours (7 am—11 pm) and on holidays and weekends.

Can You Buy The Latest Design Stamps, Limited Design Stamps In Walmart?

Yes, Walmart sells the lasts design stamp, limited design stamps as well as general postage stamps.

The stamp design at Walmart varies by season. Basic designs, such as the US flag, are stocked year-round, while some season designs differ widely based on the time of the year and the Walmart store location.

How Often Does Walmart Restock Stamps?

In general, Walmart often restocks. Different stores have different schedules to fill products, including stamps 4 to 3 times a week.

Restocking also depends on the truck’s schedule, some loaded trucks arrive daily, and some arrive 5 days a week.

What’s The Price Range Of The Stamps?

A single stamp at Walmart costs around 45 cents, but a complete 20 stamp book costs about $8. Moreover, the rare collection of stamps cost more (special price).

Also, you can buy sheets of stamps that range for anything between $2–$150. Just be sure the number and type of stamps are suitable for your situation.

Some discounted Walmart stores may offer stamps at a lesser price range.

Find out more details about the same by approaching the store assistance at Walmart’s website or call the customer support team.

Can You Buy Envelope At Walmart?

does Walmart sell Envelope

Walmart sells just about anything and everything, from stamps to pens, envelopes, bubble wraps, and other postal accessories.

The local Walmart nearby makes an excellent one-stop-shop option when it comes to postage.

A pack of 100 Kraft brown, 9 x 12 inches quality envelopes costs about $22, while a quality park of 500 white postage-saving windows envelopes goes for $120 at Walmart online.

Can You Send Letters Or Parcels To Walmart?

Yes, you can send letters and parcels to Walmart after buying stamps from Walmart. But, the service is exclusively operated by FedEx.

Also, you can only send letters and parcels to a select number of Walmart locations.

Check if your local Walmart store has a FedEx just sent items. If not, pick up mailing supplies such as bubbles wrap, envelopes, labels, padded bags, and boxes from Walmart that send items from USPS. However, it would be cheaper to send items via FedEx at Walmart.

What Are The Payments That Walmart Doesn’t Accept?

Walmart accepts cash, debit & credit cards as payment for your stamps.

On the other hand, Walmart online will let you pay for your stamps using a debit card, credit card, Amex express checkout, PayPal, or Chase Pay.

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay for stamps. Also, if you order stamps online, you may have to pay shipping fees, but you can arrange to pick up the stamps in-store at the local Walmart.

What Are The Other Stores That You Can Buy Stamps?

Like Walmart, you can shop for stamps in other stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Target, Publix, 7-Eleven, and others that sell US postage stamps.

Others include:

  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • 7-ELEVEN
  • Banks
  • Gas stations
  • Books and office supply stores
  • UPS Stores near you
  • Royal mail post offices

Single stamps are only available at the postal office. The best place to buy urgent stamps is the USPS Self-Service Kiosks.

Just check-in at the counter during regular business hours, or at the USPS self-service kiosk along with the post office, or Sunday when the post office is closed.

Some Online Websites That People Can Buy Stamps

Conclusion: Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

If you’re still thinking, “does Walmart sell stamps” then try the local Walmart nearby. The grocery store is famous for selling all kinds of stamps with varying shapes, sizes, and prices.

You can locate a Walmart nearby with the help of online store locators. Also, check online for Walmart stamps.