We all love to smell nice, don’t we? What if we tell you that there is a way you can get free perfume samples? There are no special requirements or criteria to meet to become eligible for a free sample bottle of perfume. All you need is knowledge of where and how to apply for a free sample.

They are available all over the internet. Just a simple search, and you will find them.

How to Get Free Sample Bottles Of Perfume

There are several ways to obtain free sample bottles of perfume from companies either in your country or from overseas.

While some are quite dubious and have proven to be scams aimed at collecting your data for other reasons, there are genuine ways to get yourself a real sample bottle of that perfume you love so much.

While some are common knowledge, others added in the list below were gotten after conducting thorough research. So yes, we are not exposing you to any scams. Here are ways you can get your hands on a free sample of that beloved perfume.

  1. Apply for a position as an official product tester
  2. Subscribing to beauty magazines that offer free perfume samples
  3. Writing a letter requesting a sample via mail
  4. Visit a product review site
  5. Searching through different Social media pages
  6. Visit your local departmental store
  7. Shopping online
  8. Sign up for brands newsletters
  9. Visiting sites that offer freebies
  10. Start your product review


30 Websites That Offer Free Perfume Samples

Hundreds of websites offer freebies like free perfume samples. However, not all can be trusted. The 30 websites below all offer free perfume samples either directly or as a link to the brands.

  1. ULTA


Getting a free perfume sample from Ulta is as easy as requesting a free perfume sample as part of your final order. While you may be required to make a few purchases on the site, you are free to include free samples of any perfume brand before you get to the checkout page.

These samples will most likely be sent by mail unless you specify otherwise. The process is quick and pretty easy.





Getting a free perfume sample from Sephora is pretty easy and quick. A quick visit to the website, and you are free to pick up to three samples from what’s available at that current time.

Proceed to include them in your final order and continue to the checkout page, where you are required to provide your shipping information. Even though you will still have to go through the checkout process, the product and the shipping cost are free.




Pretty thrifty is home to an array of free perfume samples. There are hundreds of perfume samples, and the list is constantly updated to include new ones or to remove samples that are no longer available.

Getting a sample on the pretty thrifty site is quite easy. All you have to do is search through if you have no particular sample brand in mind.

Click on it and follow the instructions. You will most likely be required to fill out a form, after which you will get your sample as soon as possible. Quite easy.




My free product sample is a website that offers free product samples from brands that are signed to its network.

There are hundreds of perfumes sample available for your choosing. Each one has a different application method. To find out how to get the one you desire, you have to click on it and follow the instructions therein.

They are clear to understand, easy to follow, and right at the end of the process is your sample waiting to be ordered and subsequently delivered. The catch is, my-free-product might require you to commit to giving a review of whatever sample you receive.





Although home to other skincare products, hot beauty health also has a lot of free perfume samples available for selection; each one is a beauty to behold.

To increase your chances of winning yourself a free sample from this site, you should visit this site daily to view its constantly updated list. That way, you get to view the products as they come in and send in your application.

Applying for multiple samples is encouraged. This will increase your chances of winning a free sample of perfume if a particular sample is not enough to go around the applicants.




Freemania is a topnotch website when it comes to getting a free perfume sample. Each sample has been categorized into a male and female section. This makes it easy for you to know which one is perfect for you.

Some samples cannot be sent internationally, and they have been specified accordingly to avoid any confusion. All you have to do is click on the sample you desire, check if it is available to be shipped to your location, and then follow the instruction. Your sample will be sent by mail.


  1. AMAZON 


Amazon does offer free bottles of perfume samples now and then, and unless you are aware, you might not even notice it. Careful scouting of the site will reveal some free samples of perfume brands all ready to be shipped to eligible locations.

While requesting a free sample on Amazon, be sure to specify your location. Some samples are not qualified to be sent to certain locations. Checking out on Amazon is easy, and in no time, your sample will be delivered to your mail.




On wow-free stuff, you can get a variety of product samples free of charge. This includes perfume samples from reputable brands. There are a lot of perfume samples offer on the site for little or no cost at all.

To stay updated, you will have to sign up for their mail list so you can get frequent updates on the best available deals. Once you find the product you need, click on it and then follow the instructions exactly as shown on the site. Once done, you will get your sample via mail. It is that easy.




Fragrantica offers you a membership position in their exclusive perfume club, where you will get alerts and announcements about perfume samples.

On Fragrantica, you will also find a list of popular brands with newsletters you can subscribe to. Most of these brands organize promotions from time to time, and Fragrantica is offering you access to this.

You might also be required to fill out surveys before you can access the samples. However, most samples are only available in the US, although you will be directed to possible places you can get a sample in your country.




Fragrance sample is home to a lot of perfume brands. The beauty of fragrance samples is that it is willing to offer you samples when you make purchases of up to 30 pounds.

While each of the major products is paid for and quite cheap, you will have to make a couple of purchases before you can access the samples.

Fragrance samples, however, do not ship to locations outside the UK. So you might want to think twice about this site if you are not based in the United Kingdom.

A quick checkout page where your shipping details will be verified will end the process, and your free samples will be mailed to you accordingly.





Glamour magazine’s beauty club is one of the most exclusive clubs out there, offering free perfume samples to its members. Register to become a club member, then proceed to provide your lifestyle and beauty preferences.

This will help the experts at glamour magazine choose a product that is fitting for you.

You can then proceed to request your free samples on the recommendations of the glamour club experts. As a club member, you will also be required to provide a review of any free product sample you receive.




Offerx is a unique site made specifically for product testers. While it has samples to give out, you are required to register and become a part of the testing team before you can access the products.

Testers are selected through a draw. This means you might not be selected to be a tester. If successful, you will be given 150 pounds to purchase the products.

These products, while yours to keep, will have to be reviewed according to specific guidelines. That is how and why you get the products.




Tryspree is a site willing to offer you various samples of perfumes at no cost. The site describes itself as a “community of people who help each other get free stuff.”

You are required to sign up and become a member before you become eligible for a free perfume sample. The steps are pretty easy to follow, well outlined, and perfectly described. All you have to do is hit the get sample button, and you will be redirect to an instruction page.




The perfume shop offers you several samples of various perfume brands. However, you only get a sample when you buy a product. Nevertheless, the samples are only sent alongside the full bottle, so you can test it before you start using the main product.

You are free to return the full bottle without returning the sample, and you will get a complete refund if you are not satisfied with what you perceived in the sample.

Placing an order is simple, but orders cannot be canceled when it has already been placed. The perfume shop also send you a tracking link once your order has been shipped.





Hermes also offers a free sample of its perfume product as long as it is available at the time. All you are required to do is a request for a sample before purchase.

Requesting a free sample of your desired fragrance is easy. You can request a free sample through mail. You can find the email address under the contact us section. The mail must contain your mailing address or whatever address you want it shipped to.

Alternatively, you can also visit any Hermes store to have a feel of all the available fragrances, as long as they are available.




Getting a free sample of Macy’s perfume from guide2free is quite straightforward and seamless. All you need are several social media accounts.

To get a free Macy’s on Facebook, guide2free will provide you with a link that takes you to a Facebook page where you have to like some of the posts on the page. Another link will be provided that takes you to Macy’s Instagram page, where you have to do the same thing by liking some of their posts.

And lastly, you have to visit Macy’s website. Once all three things are done, Macy will be able to send you ads targeted at alerting you to the availability of free samples you can request for.



the freebie lady

A lot of free samples and freebies can be gotten on this website. That is basically what the whole website is all about; offering products for free or at low prices.

The website is not dedicated to only perfumes, so you may have to keep searching through the site amidst a lot of other products to find a particular product sample you like. The steps to follow are pretty easy after that.



liveabout dotcom

Live-about offers free perfume samples by mail. There are two types of samples available on live-about; the samples that come in small vials, they last for a while, and the samples that come in paper forms.

Live-about delivers these samples through the mail and would require you to submit your shipping details. Depending on when you visit the site, you may or may not find samples to request for.



smell of god

The smell of God is an easy site to use. With an easy request process, you can easily ask to apply for a free bottle of your favorite perfume sample.

All you have to do is fill out the web form on the homepage of the website. Provide your names, your email, your address, your state, city, and zip code.

When all this has been provided, you can then click on the free sample request button. If successful, you will be notified, and your sample will be mailed directly to the address provided. It’s that easy.




The home testers club is a site for product testers willing to sign up and try out new products in exchange for receiving a free sample of that product.

These products include perfumes and fragrances from reputable brands looking for testers for some of their new scents. To become a tester and qualify for a free sample fragrance on the Home tester club, you will need to register with the website.

Registration, however, is not all there is. You will need to answer a few test questions. This will help the site match you to the right perfume product, if there is any.

So when you apply, you receive the product through the mail. You then proceed to test it and provide a compulsory review on each product sent to you.



skin chemist

The skin chemist of London is a brand that offers free product samples in exchange for your reviews. In essence, they are a product review site working in affiliation with major brands.

All you have to do to get a free product is to sign up as a tester and reviewer by providing your name and mailing address. If selected, you will be assigned a free perfume sample to review.

The catch is you are allowed to keep the sample product after review. And you might even earn a commission based on your review.




Free stuff times offer a lot of free fragrance samples on its website with such ease. Every day there are new product samples to choose from. All you have that do is click on the desired sample product, and that will take you to another page where you will be directed on what to do.



magic freebies

Magic freebies offer a chance to work as a product tester while also allowing you to own free samples of the product. The magic freebies website also gives you a beginner’s guide on how to win free samples of any product on its site.

To get any sample you like, click on the GET MINE button, and you will be redirected to a page where there are clear instructions on what to do next. It is easy.




The freebies lovers’ site is dedicated to all lovers of freebies like yourself. Here you can find free samples of many products, including free perfume samples from reputable brands.

Getting a free sample is as easy as clicking on the GET FREE button beside each perfume. This will redirect you to a different page containing a detailed description of the perfume sample.

Clicking on the GET FREEBIE button will take you to another page where you will have to register before you can access the free sample.


  1. ODORE


Odore’s partnership with some of the top perfume brands in the world lends it credibility and removes all shadow of doubt about their legitimacy.

How does Odore work? Odore allows brands to interact with customers and vice versa through an interface. This allows the brands to know more about the customer before sending a fitting sample to the customers.

This unique interaction allows the brands to ascertain the tastes of the customer and what could affect their decision-making.

While odore provides a connection with the brands, it also gives the brands a window to you through its online sampling device.

The steps are pretty simple. You choose your preferred product and fill out the accompanying survey, or you can create an odore profile. Once any of this is done, you will receive a sample.




Superdrug is a website dedicated to offering free perfume samples to willing customers. Available on its site are various brands and fragrances that might get your attention. Although the website sells other beauty products, it doesn’t stop it from offering these samples.

So how do you get your free samples? All you need to do is make an order, go through the standard checkouts and wait for delivery. These samples are offered when you make an order.

They are available for pickup in any physical store within 30 minutes of your order.

You can carry out a test to determine if you still want to proceed with your order. Delivery might take 3 working days as promised by the website. Alternatively, there is an option that allows you to pick up your order from the nearest Superdrug physical store.


  1. TIV


Tiv perfume is a website dedicated to the exotic scent from the Caribbean. This women-specific brand comes in various fragrances that not only scent right but are attention-grabbing. Despite its exquisiteness, it offers free samples of its products from time to time.

Each sample is free, although you might have to pay a shipping fee of one dollar. The samples on offer for free are usually restricted to just new customers alone and most times are available for a short time. Furthermore, each customer is limited to just one use.

Customers are not allowed to combine these free samples with any other offer. Exchanging these free samples for credit is also not allowed. Clicking on the GET MY FREE SAMPLE button takes you to your cart, where you have to complete your “free purchase.”



the fragrance shop

The fragrance shop offers a lot of free samples from a wide array of perfume collections. There are always two samples for customers willing to apply for them.

All you have to do is place your request, click on the home delivery option and wait for your order to be processed and sent via mail. To get started, click on the “SHOP NOW” button, and you’re good to go.




Chlobo offers a free sample of its signature perfume with every other order you make. This free 1.5ml sample is free to get on the site when you add the sample to your cart. You then proceed to check out, providing your mailing details.

However, you can only order two samples, and you will also have to cover the shipping costs.




Offer Oasis has loads of free perfume samples that are on quick offer. These offers are on a product review basis. You are offered a free sample, and in exchange, you provide an honest review. There are several brands you can review by applying for a free sample.

However, each sample on offer on the site is on short notice and is quickly snapped up. You must be quick, or you will lose your spot.


The Best Way to Get Free Perfume Samples

Although there are several ways to get a free sample of the perfume you so much adore, we have discovered the best ways to get that perfume sample you have been fantasizing about.

  • Visit a departmental store

Our top pick is by visiting a departmental store. Several stores offer a sample at their fragrance counter just to convince you to make a purchase. The easiest part in this is you just have to ask, nothing more. Stores that offer this include but are not limited to Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and even Nordstrom. Even in situations where there are no samples for a particular brand, the attendants are more than willing to make a sample for you on the spot. This is probably the easiest, yet the surest way of getting that sample.

  • Become a product tester

Another is by becoming a product tester. Product testers are known to have first access to a company’s products while offering their honest reviews n return. The beauty of being a product reviewer is you get to keep a sample of that perfume as a complimentary gift.

  • Start a product review channel

You can also start your product review channel or blog on a particular perfume brand you fancy or even several perfume brands. While we admit social media following may take time to build for you to get noticed, it all eventually pays off when you become prominent. We assure you there won’t be a shortage of companies willing to send you a sample of their products just to get you to review them on your channel.


Why There Are Free Perfume Samples?


You might be wondering the reason for free samples? Don’t companies lose money by giving these away? Is it genuine if it’s free? These questions are valid and legitimate and deserve to be answered. Here is a simple truth.

Companies do lose money giving away samples; yes, they do. Perfumes and even bottles are expensive to make and equally expensive for most people to buy. Brands also recognize there are a lot of perfume brands out there competing for your attention.

This is why they send you free samples, hoping you will love it enough to commit to buying a bigger bottle. To them, this a small price to get your attention and a possible long-term loyalty.

The long-term gains from giving out free samples far outweigh the short-term loss if the customers commit to spending more money on a bigger bottle because the sample left a good impression.

To these brands, this is all marketing. They understand your choices can change, and you may want to try something else, so they offer free samples hoping they are the ones you finally choose.



If there is anything we have successfully established, it is that getting a free sample is pretty easy. The websites we have provided with links should get you started on your way to requesting that free bottle you have always desired.

Nevertheless, if you do not feel comfortable with the details a website is asking you to provide, you should leave and make use of another. We wish you luck.