If you want to know how to get free fishing gear, you have come to the right place. Fishing is quite an inexpensive and fun hobby. And for those who are ardent fans of finishing they often look for free fishing gears, such as bait, lure, hooks, rod, and more.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to know how you can get free fishing gear without spending any money? Well, guess what, you can. We will share the top seven ways to get free fishing gear.

Go on and get introduced to these seven ways, and start receiving fishing gears for free!

Get free fishing gear directly from these websites

Follow RustyAngler.com

RustyAngler.com is known for giving the best giveaways. This is a website dedicated to fishing enthusiasts. They share tips and news and also offer you a chance to win exciting free fishing gears.

Visit the website and scroll down to fill in the details to receive deals and giveaways. You will need to enter your first name and email and then click on the submit option.

Apart from sending rods, baits, hooks, lures, and rods, the company also has other exciting free giveaways for customers. You can win a gift card worth $500, fish griller, fish fillet knife, fishing sunglasses, fishing kayak, rod and reel combo, and much more.

Rusty Angler is arguably the best fishing gear giveaway site.

Try Wired2Fish

wired 2 fish

Wired2Fish also has plenty to giveaway. The best way to know about the latest giveaways and participate in them is to sign up for their newsletter.

You will only have to enter your email address, first and last name, and the company will keep on sending you information and updates on free giveaways.

Please be informed that Wired2Fish has limited giveaways to offer, and they select the ones they would like to send free giveaways to.

Hence, try for all the giveaways, and wait for your chance. Some of the giveaway fishing gears available here are rod, lure, hooks, and baits.

Premier Angler for giveaways

Here’s another website that you can try. The site clearly promotes their free stuff and even encourages everyone to join.

You can visit premierangler.com and sign up to win some free fishing gear. All the free stuff is listed on the home page.

The site introduces content where you can have a chance to win fishing gear and get them delivered to you for free.

The common giveaways usually available on this site are- rod, lure, hooks, and baits. Apart from this, different contents will have different free fishing gear giveaways. So, keep checking them out.

Search for Free Fishing Gear on Cashback or Review Websites

Apart from looking for free fishing gears on the sites that we have mentioned in part 1, you can try looking for review websites that send away free fishing gears. And, in return, the company expects a good review from you.

There are a few websites that have this feature, and you can try them out too. All you will have to do is receive the free fishing gear from such sites, test them, and review them so that others feel encouraged to buy them.

There are cashback sites as well that will let you get 100% cashback on the fish gear that you buy, another way to make your fish gear purchase free. Check them out.

  1. cashbackbase.com – The best way to get free fishing gear


Here’s the easiest way to get free fishing gear without any hassle. Try cashbackbase.com.

The way this website works is fairly simple. You will first signup as a buyer.

Choose the fishing gear that you like the most and click on “Request No.” Give some time for the seller to approve your buying request. Fill in your Amazon profile details and PayPal account. Go and purchase the product through Amazon and upload the information for your order.

After the seller verifies your order, he/she will send cash back through PayPal.

  1. Review Your Gear- Get free fishing gear and review

Try Review Your Gear if you want to get free fishing gears in return for a good review.

This site gives you two chances every month to win free fishing gear to write a review on. Review Your Gear is growing immensely, and they always have something or the other to giveaway to its customers. Follow them on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to stay tuned about their latest giveaways.

  1. Biospawn.com- Free Sample Available 

Although this site doesn’t have too much to offer, they do have giveaways for their in-house manufactured baits. If you feel happy with the bait you get for free from Biospawn.com, do review them and encourage others to buy from the site.

The site offers points for refereeing and every purchase that you make. After collecting points, you can buy more fishing gear for free!

Search and Check on Fishing Gear Forums

fishing gears forumsYou can also try fishing gear forums. Although, you will have to keep an eye on all the forum discussions and pay special attention to anything that says free giveaways. There are tons of forums that are good for fishing gear enthusiasts. Here they are:

FishingMagic Forums: Thomas Turner sponsors this fishing forum. The forums include the newbie threads, new member help threads, general fishing, competitors, FM news and features, and more. Check out the competition’s forum.

The North American Fly Fishing Forum: This forum talks about everything that is happening in the fishing world. From fishing gears to article discussions, important announcements, to free giveaway contests, this forum has everything.

Big Fish Tackle: Big Fish Tackle is an online angler’s community and uploads at least three posts every day. This forum is quite active, and we recommend everyone wanting to get free fishing gears join the discussion.

Reddit » Fishing: You can’t miss out on Reddit if you want to join the best forums. TryReddit’ss fishing forums where people talk about fishing gears, share their fishing experience, and sometimes even organize contests to win free fishing gears.

Try Fishing Gear Brands and Manufacturers

fishing gears brand

There are many fishing gear brands and manufacturers that manufacture their in-house fishing gears. Sometimes they promote their new products and give away free samples. Following them on social media will keep you updated about their giveaway offers.

It is mostly on their social media pages where they promote or shout out their free samples. Another thing that you can do is contact these brands on your own. It might be a little awkward, but there is no harm in asking if the brands offer free samples.

If you already have a few brands in mind, write to them. All the brands will have a contact us page. Call or write to them. Whatever is comfortable. You will be surprised to know that many companies do give away free samples to customers.

The new ones are always looking for an audience; they mostly give away free samples easily. However, in return, even they expect you to say good things about them.

Here are some good brands and manufacturing companies of fishing gears that have sent free samples in the past. You may try contacting them:



Jackall Lures



Follow Fishing Gear Influencers

Influencers are now the best people to follow to know about the fishing world. The good thing about these influencers is that they collaborate with different fishing gear companies and brands. And often give away free samples of these manufacturers. If you want to have free fishing gear, we say to follow them today.

Here are the top fishing gear influencers who are currently ruling the game:

Great Outdoors: @outdoorskieCabela’ss: @cabelas

Ocean Ramsey #OceanRamsey: @oceanramsey

Bass Pro Shops: @bassproshops

Hannah Barron: @hannahbarron96

Mystery Tackle Box: @mysterytacklebox

Garrett Yrigoyen: @gy_yrigoyen

Tackle Warehouse: @tacklewarehouse

Jonathan Barzacchini: @jonbrollin

HEIDI V. HOBACK: @lilredheidihood

Join the Fishing Gear Groups on Social Media to Win a Chance

fishing gear groups

Facebook is a good place to find like-minded groups. Some of the groups will be public, while others will be private. What you can do is search for fishing gear groups on Facebook and join them.

In case the group is private, the admin will decide whether your request should be accepted or not. Participate in different discussions, or start your thread to know if anyone has the free fishing gear to offer.

Another reason to join such fishing gear groups is that new and old fishing gear manufacturers often visit these forms to promote their products. You can always ask them if they have any free samples.

Joining groups is simple. You will first have to search for the fishing gear group and then click on the join group option.

Become an Influencer to Attract Brands and Companies

influencerThe last thing to do to attract sellers of fishing gear is to become an influencer. You can become an influencer through social media or video content. You can launch a page on Instagram to talk about different fishing gears you have tried and your experience with them.

YouTube is also a good place to talk about your fishing gear experiences.

Companies look for local influencers, and if they find your page traction-heavy, they will contact you to talk about their products as well. You can upload reviews, tutorials, or anything that you think will increase views and likes.

Of course, this will consume some time, but once you build a good audience, collaborations will happen.

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips will help you get free fishing gear. Try all the methods, and we are sure something or the other will work for you. Follow new fishing blogs as well; they often highlight discounts and free giveaways.