Ring doorbell is a necessity for every homeowner. However, with the boatload of options available in the market, it is, of course, not possible for anyone to buy multiple ring doorbells because it will cost you money.

So, what is the best way to find a free ring doorbell? That’s what we are going to tell you. There are multiple ways to get free ring doorbells. Read each one of them and try them out today!

Search Free Ring Doorbell on Cashback or Review Websites

The first thing that you can do is look for 100% cashback sites or review websites. In cashback sites, you will have the option to get your money back from the seller once you purchase the ring doorbell and provide the seller with the purchase information.

Even review websites sometimes offer free stuff on their site as well; however, you will have to keep checking these sites whether they have a free ring doorbell giveaway offer or not.

Get free home products daily


The first site that you can try is cashbackbase.com. This is a legit site to get up to 100% cashback. This site already has tons of free stuff. In order to get your 100% cashback, you will first have to sign up as a buyer.

After that, browse through the products that cashbackbase.com and click on the ring doorbell. After that, click on the request now option. The buyer will take some time to approve your request.

Once done, fill in your PayPal and Amazon details. Now, go and buy the ring doorbell on Amazon and upload your purchase information and detail. The seller will verify your purchase, and you will get your cashback through PayPal.

Get free samples delivered to your doorstep


Here’s a site that offers free samples to everyone who would like to try before they buy. Apart from ring doorbells, you can also get different product samples here at samplesource.com. To get a free sample, register to the site.

Pick the sample of the ring doorbell that you like, and wait for the free sample to be delivered to your doorstep. And that’s about it. No hard and fast rule. Just pick the sample, and the company will ship it to you absolutely free.

Get good quality samples

For more free samples of free ring doorbell, try sampleaday.com. This site lists all the latest free samples on its site.

The site offers everything for free, and even delivery cost is eliminated. You can pick as many samples as you want and allow the company some time to send them to you.

Become an Influencer and Get a Free Ring Doorbell


If you want ring doorbell companies and brands to contact you, the best way to go about it is to become an influencer.

Such as, Instagram is helping influencers by giving them a unique platform; it has become easier for the influencers to be reached out by different companies.

By implementing the right strategies and tools, aspiring doorbell influencers can excel pretty fast. Gone are the days when companies used to ignore these influencers; 2021 is seeing more brands contacting these people to reach out to their target audience. Since influencers have a market of their own, it has become easier for such companies to market through them.

Here are some techniques that you need to follow to become an influencer and be seen by doorbell companies and brands.

1. Work on Post Reels and Short-Form Videos

short form video

The initial battle will be to create your own niche. Since you want to become an influencer, it is better to pick a niche, which will allow ring doorbell companies to contact you. Start by posting review videos. Instagram enables you to create short-form videos and post reels. Leverage these features.

2. Always Be Consistent

be consistent

Once you start gaining followers, remember to stay consistent. The genuine followers will expect to see more similar content. If you are reviewing products on your site, ensure to keep review content ready.

No need to post them daily, but be consistent. For example, you can update your Instagram story about the latest review that you are working on.

This will make your audience excited, and engagement will be better. You will also gain more followers by this.

3. Work on Captions


Instagram is mainly a platform for visual content, but you can write a caption for every post you update. Just like the video, allow your viewers to read and know what each content is about. Try to be as elaborative within the word limit as possible.

4. Build A Community


You need to keep in mind that when you start to build a community, you will see that it is taking time. That’s why being niche-specific is essential.

You don’t want to attract random followers; you need to attract those who will profit from the content that you create. Make sure to build trust among your Instagram community and provide them with valuable content.

5. Contact Brands

ring doorbell

Now that you have many followers use proper hashtags to reach out to the right brands. Here’s something you need to know. When you are found valuable to a ring doorbell company, or any other company, as a matter of fact, they do reach out.

They want their products to be seen. But to reach this stage, you need to have patience.

Also, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to different ring doorbell companies as well. Let them know you, introduce nicely, tell them why they should collaborate with you and the value your collaboration will bring.

Start by sending a verified analytics report. Brands would like to see accurate reports to be 100% sure that you are the right fit.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways through which you can get free ring doorbell samples. Try them out and let us know which one worked for you.