The miniature panic attack you may experience when you think you’re running late for an important appointment is easily the worst part of a watch battery dying when you need it most.

Your timepiece gets stuck where it is, displaying a wrong time; well, even dead watches are correct two times a day, but you can rely on it being right twice, so once you realize what has happened, your next move is to replace the battery as soon as possible.

While some watches might have a different method, the following guide will help you to change your watch battery generally.

Shops Nearby Where You  Can Replace Your Watch Battery

watches stores

Replacing a watch battery yourself is not ideal if you don’t have the required specialized tools, and you may risk damaging the watch mechanisms.

There are plenty of jewelers or horologists who would be happy to replace any damaged part for you. Prices for this service will vary depending on the horologist, so you may want to inquire at different stores before patronizing one.

There are many shops that will replace your watch battery for you for a token; some will make the repair in-store, while other horologists may take some time because they will have to ship it to an off-site repair center.

If you can’t find a repair store close to you, the below list will help to know where to get the watch battery replaced in case of any issue.


Rather than visiting a jewelry store or a watch repair shop, you can get your watch batteries replaced at places like Kohl’s. It is a go-to store for most consumers to repair watches because of their price.

One can walk into any kohl’S store and get your watch battery replaced at a very affordable price, for as low as  $5-$10.

Note that, even if you didn’t buy your watch from their store, you could get it repaired there.


As for JCPenney, it offers in-store watch battery replacement.

For customers with a watch battery that has to be replaced, department retailer JCPenney is a good location to go. If you can’t get in touch with your local jewelers, you should go see them in person.

Zales Corporation

The leading American company, Zales Corporation has a clear advantage when it comes to changing watch batteries.

If you buy a watch battery at the store, it will generally be free of charge, but some places charge up to $20 if the repair is more complicated.


As of 2021, Target does not generally repair batteries in-store. Nevertheless, certain stores may aid you in changing the battery on a watch they sell.

As a matter of fact, Target does sell cheaper watch batteries that are equal to or better than most of its competitors’ store-based supplies.

For $3.99 or $6.49, customers can get two Energizer 377 Oxide batteries. You may also get Insten Lithium or alkaline watch batteries at a bargain price of $6.99-$7.99 per pack.


Kroger does not offer a battery change service in store but it does seller watch batteries. Kroger is charging $2.49 per battery for Duracell silver oxide lithium batteries.


Unfortunately, as of 2021, Walmart no longer replaces watch batteries. In addition, Walmart provides customers with the option of purchasing battery replacement kits and watch batteries that enable them to do their own battery replacement.

Rarely, a few Walmart jewelry counter staff might be able to assist with watch battery replacement.


The good news is that Costco will still service watches, though they have decided to discontinue battery replacement as of 2021.

Costco has no publicly advertised replacement watch batteries available. Still, based on our findings, some Costco stores are known to have size 2032 batteries that may be utilized in watches.

It is stated that these batteries are offered in bulk, rather than in individual sets. It’s a good idea to go elsewhere if you’re shopping for a single watch battery.

Almost all big stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens, Lowe’s, and Best Buy only sell watch batteries.

You can buy batteries from these stores only in cases where the watch in question is cheap.

More Stores Where To Get Watch Battery Replaced

In the case of expensive watches, it is better to get their batteries replaced by professionals. Below is a list of places where to get a watch battery replaced along with their details.

Places That Replace Watch Batteries
Store Name Price Time Location
Ashcroft & Oak/Rogers & Hollands Around $50 Two to three weeks find the nearest
Ben Bridge Jeweler Around $20 10 to 15 minutes find the nearest
Fred Meyer Jewelers About $15 15 minutes find the nearest
Helzberg Diamonds About $15 5 to 10 minutes find the nearest
Jared The Galleria of Jewelry About $15 15 to 20 minutes find the nearest
Kay Jewelers About$13 20 minutes find the nearest
Macy’s About $50 Three weeks find the nearest
Sears About $12 to $35 15 to 20 minutes find the nearest
Batteries Plus Bulbs About $12 to $20 5 to 10 minutes find the nearest
Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs Around $15 15 to 20 minutes find the nearest
My Jewelry Repair Around $40 One to two weeks find the nearest
The Jewelry Center Around $3.99 One week find the nearest
Total Watch Repair About $10 to $35 One to two weeks find the nearest
Watch Repair & Co Different quotes for watch brands One to two weeks find the nearest

You might have to pay a bit more when replacing your battery by a specialist, but they are skilled watchmakers and will be able to get your watch repaired and ticking again in no time!

Note that replacement batteries for luxury watch brands like Rolex and Patek typically cost more than common brands like Casio.

You should also note that batteries for watches with extra functionality ( sports watches such as Samsung, Apple) are more expensive than a conventional timepiece.

If you have a flair for this sort of thing, you can use online guidelines to replace the battery by yourself.

When Should You Change The Battery On Your Own?

When your watch battery dies, you have two options to replace the battery, one is to take the watch to a professional, and the other one is to replace the battery on your own.

However, it is suggested that to protect the watch from scratches, you should refrain from changing the battery on your own.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to replace the watch battery yourself, it is better to take a pause.

Although there are various DIYs available when it comes to replacing the batteries at home, the decision to do it depends on the brand and model of the watch.

If you decide to do it by yourself, you will need to open the backside of the watch case.


There are various types of watch cases, which can be opened in a variety of mechanical ways.

Some watches are very easy to open and require very little effort, while others can be difficult and require a special watch back opener and the assistance of a trained and experienced watch repairer.

Although a variety of tool kits for opening watch cases are available in the market, it is not suggested to replace the battery of expensive watches on your own as it may result in damage to the watch.

In cases where the watches are waterproof, if their battery is not handled properly, it can damage the waterproofing feature of the watch.


Moreover, while replacing a watch battery on your own; if you are not careful enough with the crystal backs, and apply too much pressure, the back can crack.

If you are finding it difficult to find a place to charge the battery of your watch, you can try mailing your watch to a store to get the battery replaced.

Although this process might take more time and might cost more, this is the best option in the case of expensive watches.


As watches, many times have a sentimental value attached to them, it is better to not risk damaging them. However, while mailing them, make sure that you follow the right process to maintain the safety of the watch.

If the watch in the picture is not expensive, you can repair it at home. Here, even if there is some damage to the watch, it won’t cost you much money, and there is not much at stake.

Steps to Change a Watch Battery

steps to replace watch battery by yourself

Depending on the timepiece, changing the battery of your watch to get it working again is a simple task you can do in the office or at home with a few tools and the proper steps.

Going to a watch repair shop and having a horologist change the battery of your watch can be expensive and time-consuming, but you most likely can do it yourself.

The procedure for changing each watch’s battery will differ based on your individual watch’s brand, type, and style, by taking these right measures and carefully following the steps below.

1. Remove the back of the watch

If you want to remove the back of the watch, turn your watch over and find a small hole or indentation on the side of the watch, between the watch back cover and the watch itself. This indentation is made specifically to help you pry off the back of the watch.

If your watch back cover is secured with screws, you can use a small screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the watch back cover. Some watch-back covers have gaps big enough to fit the edge of a coin, which you can use to twist off the back of the watch cover.

2. Place the watch gasket to the side

When you open the back cover of some watch, you will see a rubber ring or plastic covering after removing the watch back cover; you need to remove that from the watch case to reveal the inner timepiece’s mechanism. You can use tools like tweezers or the edge of a knife if you need help removing the gasket. recommends that you clean the gasket before you put it back after changing the watch battery.

3. Replace your watch battery

Once you see the old battery, note which side is facing upward to replicate the placement when inserting the new battery. If plastic clips are holding the battery in place, use plastic tweezers to lift them. From there, you can use the tweezers to remove the battery out of the watch case.

4. Test the new battery

Before putting back the back cover, carefully flip the watch over to see if it’s ticking. If the watch isn’t working, double-check to ensure you installed the new battery inside the watch correctly. You may have a damaged battery or faulty watch if it still fails to work after all, so consider taking the timepiece to a horologist for a professional examination.

5. Reattached the gasket and the back cover

If your battery is now working correctly, please perform the first two steps in this article in reverse order to put the parts back together.

After successfully changing your watch battery, you need to understand when to change your watch battery

Are Watch Batteries All the Same Size? How to Choose?

Interestingly, the size of all the watch batteries is not the same. Every watch requires a particular size of battery, which cannot be interchanged.

First, you need to find out which battery your watch needs. Here are a few ways to quickly figure it out:

  1. learn from the brand official website
  2. check out the watch manual for details
  3. ask a battery sales
  4. find the number code on the back of the watch

Different watch models are cylindrical with a diameter ranging from (5-25) mm and a height between (1-6) mm.

Do you know that the International Standard IEC 60086-3 develops codes for all batteries to indicate their chemistry, shape, and size?

The chemistry types found in these watch batteries can be alkaline, zinc-air silver-oxide,  or mercury-oxide.

These alphanumeric codes are a combination of alphabets and numbers. Proper understanding of these codes is significant if you want to select the right battery replacement correctly.

The Common Watch Battery Brands

If you are in the market shopping for the best battery replacement for your watch, here are some of the better-quality watch batteries brand to consider for aftermarket replacement:

  • Eunicell AG4 – is Sold in 10 packs; the Eunicell AG4 is a battery that also meets the code requirements for nine other versions; it’s a versatile battery used by many popular watch models. Folks who need a similar battery for remote controls or hearing aids often get this battery in packs so they can solve battery needs for multiple tools simultaneously, including their wristwatch.
  • Maxell SR636SW 377 – This particular battery falls in the category of a silver-oxide design specific for wristwatches.  It comes with multiple units, and any horologists can be swapped the  Maxell SR636SW  with at least two different battery code sets. These batteries work very well with analog-style wristwatches and have a life span of up to 5 years or longer, except for the aftermarket battery industry. The Maxell SR636SW is able to accomplish this feat because its silver-oxide packs have double the energy capacity of a comparable alkaline battery.
  • Exell Silver-Oxide Assorted Pack – If you are not certain which battery will fit correctly into your watch, the Exell Assorted Pack solves this problem. It comes with 100 silver-oxide batteries of different sizes, codes, and shapes. So no matter what you pick, you will end up with the right one.
  • Insten Silver Oxide – Fitting a code SR521SW, this battery also comes in a 10-pack, providing a user a handy supply, which is good if you’re in a remote location and need to keep a working watch at all times. They also work great for Casio, Swiss, Timex, and other small-battery devices as well, and this model’s shelf life is long-lasting, so you will encounter no problem storing them for a while and losing power as a result of storing them.

The Watch Battery Sizes of Different Brands

Fossil watch battery sizes

Fossil watches are a big global watch brand. The Fossil Group are the maker of watch brands like Relic, Skagen, Misfit and Zodiac.

If you own a fossil watch and the watch is in need of battery replacement, this guide is the perfect one for you.

Cr2430 is the battery you require if you have a Fossil hybrid watch. It’s easy to find and purchase these batteries in stores and online retailers like Amazon.

The battery is a 3v lithium CR2430 battery. There are a number of different battery manufacturers that make products similar to Renata, including Energizer and Duracell.

The fossil hybrid fb-01, on the other hand, requires a CR2025 battery.

Battery replacement is not required in some Fossil hybrid watches because the batteries are rechargeable like those in cell phones. To find out what sort of battery is in your watch, visit and enter the SKU number. Chargeable batteries are those that begin with the letter SP. Listed below are a few popular types, together with the batteries they require.

Sku: FTW1166 – CR2430 Battery

Sku: FTW1165 – CR2430 Battery

Sku: FTW1180 – CR2430 Battery

Sku: FTW1194 – CR2430 Battery

Model examples with capabilities of charging battery:

Sku: FTW7007 – SP380922SE Battery

Sku: FTW7009 – SP380922SE Battery

Sku: FTW7022 – SP390919 Battery

Sku: FTW7019 – SP390919 Battery

Timex watch battery size

Check the back of the watch to see what sort of battery is required for a particular Ironman model.

The type of battery will be etched on the steel casing of the watch. Most begin with “CR.”

A CR2032 battery, for example, is required for the Ironman Fitness Trainer. The CR2016 battery powers the T62962 Ironman Triathlon 8-Lap Shock Resistant Watch.

More Watch Battery Size Chart

Watch Battery [ Low-Drain ]

Diameter (mm)Height (mm)SIIEnergizerDuracellRayovacRenataVartaSEIKOTimexBulovaCitizenOrientI.E.C.


Watch Battery [ Low-Drain ]

Diameter (mm)Height (mm)SIIEnergizerDuracellRayovacRenataVartaSEIKOTimexBulovaCitizenOrientI.E.C.


Invicta watch battery size chart

1.5365365-SR111 6W--
1.5379379D379SR521 SWSP379V379
1.5384384D384SR41 SWSP384V384

How Long is a Watch Battery Replacement Last?

The average length of time a battery will last in a typical watch is approximately one year. If your watch requires a battery change more frequently than once in a year, it may be time to service your watch; during a watch servicing the movement is cleaned with the removal of old lubricant etc. and re-oiled.

What’s the price range of buying a watch battery replacement?

For a basic watch battery replacement, most specialists charge between $5 to $14 on average, but this might vary widely depending on the brand and type. In the range of $40 to $65 watch with a water-resistant battery, while chronograph models can cost as much as $65 to $100.

Will the solar watch battery last longer? How long?

Because the batteries in solar watches can endure for more than ten years, they do not need to be replaced. After 20 years, a solar watch battery can preserve up to 80% of its power reserve capacity, according to independent research.

More FAQs on Watch Battery Replacement

Should you buy the watch battery and the replacement kit?

As long as you know how to do it, changing the battery on your watch can be done at home with a few tools and the appropriate procedures. You can probably do it yourself by getting the replacement tools and battery at a watch repair shop instead of going to a watch repair shop and having an expert change your battery.

What tools are necessary to place the battery?

The toolbox contains:

  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Snap-back Watch Case Opener
  • Screw-back Watch Case Opener
  • Plastic Tweezers
  • Spring Bar Tool
  • Scratch Brush
  • Watch Battery Size Selector (color may vary)

What are the steps to replace the battery?

Different varieties of watch casings exist, some of which need the use of special tools.

Snap-on cases: Around the perimeter, there is a little overlap or lip.

Screw cases with secure:  These have screws paced within the perimeter.

Screw-on cases: These have a lot of space notched around the outer

In order to open some watches, you’ll need to utilize a little tool. To avoid an electric shock or harming your watch, we recommend using plastic tools rather than metal ones.

The following tools are required:

  • Replacement battery
  • Watch case opener or a knife
  • Tweezers/small screwdriver
  • Gloves

The snap-on case is the most prevalent type of case. There is a lip on the rear of the watch casing that needs to be found to open it. Insert the watch case opener beneath the lip of the watch case and twist the blade so that the back of the watch case is released. It’s time to remove the watch from the case. If you don’t have a watch case opener, you can use a thin knife, but be careful not to scratch or harm the watch.

Case secured with tools: Unscrew the screws on the rear of your watch with a tiny screwdriver. Once you’ve taken off the back case, be sure to store the screws in a safe location so that you don’t lose them.

Screw-on case: In order to avoid damaging the watch and its waterproof capabilities, we recommend taking a screw-on case watch to a jeweler or the watch maker.

How to change the battery without tools

The easiest watches to open are those that have a groove on the rear of the case. All you need is a coin to open the case back. A 50p coin works best because of its shape and width.

The watch face should be lying on a smooth level surface, cloth or in your hand to prevent scratches from appearing on the watch face. This is where you put your coin. To open the coin, turn it in the opposite direction of the clock. Depending on the model, you may need to press on the case rear side in order to fully open the case back.

Things to know before changing a waterproof battery

It is possible to change a watch’s battery without affecting its water resistance. Water resistance will likely be maintained as previously, as long as no seals are destroyed, sealing surfaces are cleaned, and the rubber gasket is re-lubricated.

Is there any special consideration for solar battery?

No regular battery replacement is required with a solar watch. This means that it can be worn for a long time with perspiration and dirt left on the watch. Use a gentle cloth to clean the face and band of your watch.

Should I Change Smart Watch Battery?

Why should not replace Apple or Samsung Watch Battery Yourself?

Avoid replacing the Apple Watch battery or Samsung watch battery on your own, since you could damage the battery, which could lead to overheating and harm. Apple Watch’s lithium-ion battery should only be serviced by Apple or an authorized service partner, according to the company.

Cost of changing Apple and Samsung watch battery

It costs around 79$ and 100$ to replace your Apple watch battery and Samsung watch battery.

How long will the battery last?

A new battery for your Apple Watch is expected to last between two and three years. According to usage and battery upkeep, this time frame can vary widely.