Vipon and Snagshout are two of the most known and utilized discount sites for both buyers and sellers on Amazon. While they are great, there is a range of other unique and safe sites that offer amazing discount prices for shoppers and help sellers show their products, make enough sales, and, most importantly, gain reviews to help boost their business.

What are Vipon and Snagshout?

50% off Amazon Coupons

It is easy to see why Vipon and Snagshout are great. Vipon is easy to use and helps shoppers save a lot of time and, notably, money by offering the best deals on products with high discounts and coupons, as high as 50% and even 100% off.

With a wide range of products on offer, including home, electronics, jewelry, clothing, kids, tech, and many others and the guarantee of quality on each product on offer, Vipon is available in almost all Amazon stores globally.

Snagshout is equally impressive and offers buyers the amazing benefit of buying quality products at low prices. The site offers as high as 50% to 100% discount coupon deals also, and with the cashback being paid directly to the customer’s PayPal account without any forms to mail or checks, Snagshout is an excellent choice for shoppers.

While being easy to use and access coupons, Snagshout has a broad category of products on offer, including beauty and health, cars and automotive, electronics and computers, grocery, media, pet supplies, kids, sports, and many others.

Top 12 Vipon / Snagshout Alternative Sites

As mentioned earlier, though, there are a great number of alternative sites that offer great benefits. Here’s a list of the top 12 alternative sites to Vipon and Snagshout alternative sites.


This site is a safe and legitimate site for both buyers and sellers on Amazon. Cashbackbase offers over 20% off to 100% off Amazon discounts and coupons with a wide range of product categories.

The site is available in three different marketplaces on Amazon, including the US, UK, and Italy.

How to use the site:

The site is easy to use, and all that is required to be able to use is to sign up as a buyer with email, request the item you want to purchase and once the product link is received, the buyer will have to purchase the product and upload order within time, and also fill in the PayPal and Amazon details to get your rebates.

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50% off Amazon Coupons

Rebatekey offers some of the most significant discounts on quality products and gives direct access to exclusive manufactures rebates for top-selling products.

Boasting a wide range of products, the low prices of these products, over 50% off Amazon coupons, and up to 100% exclusive cashback rebates make this site an excellent alternative for buyers.

How to use the site:

Once you sign up with your email, you can select your item for purchase and click on buy product. You will be required to confirm your Rebate key to receive your cashback once your rebate is verified.

It usually takes 35 days before your payout can be sent to you via a check, and this may pose a minor inconvenience for some persons who would have hoped to receive their money earlier. However, it is only delayed that long to avoid any error.

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One of the fastest-growing cashback sites, Rebatest is a new product testing platform that offers up to 100% rebates for full-price products.

With the shortest cycle time of 1 day to get money back to your Rebatest account and get rebates through PayPal, this site has different categories of quality products. It is a great option for buyers on Amazon.

How to use the site:

It is very straightforward and easy to use, with the steps requiring you to set up an account and then select the product you want to purchase, after which you have to select the “Apply Now” option to buy.

You are then required to copy your Amazon order number and submit it within 4 hours of you applying.

Once the product gets delivered, you should test it and write a trial report on Amazon which will take a few days to be verified, and then your cashback balance becomes available for you to withdraw.



This site offers fantastic deals and promos directly from manufacturers on various products such as kitchen tools, fitness gear, clothes, supplements, and many more.

With up to 99% off Amazon promotional codes, you get access to huge discounts, which will help you to save money without losing out on quality. Uberzon offers a straightforward way to get daily coupons and rebates on products.

How to use the site:

In 3 easy steps, which include creating your account and selecting the product you want to get, clicking on the “buy now” button, copying your order number, and following the steps to purchase the product, you can have the product of your choice.

Upon shipping your product, your rebate reward link will be sent to your email, which you can access.



This site offers easy access to explore great deals such as over 50% off Amazon coupons on quality products available on Amazon.

Available in different countries, including the UK, USA, France, Canada, and Germany, Extremerebate works on Tiers and Limits system with either the Amazon Voucher Model or Rebate Model available to choose from.

The rebate model enables you to request rebates of up to 100% cashback on products after purchasing them on your PayPal account. The voucher model helps you to receive free products on Amazon if the seller sets voucher codes for the products.

How to use the site:

To access these great deals, you need to sign up to create your account and provide your Amazon profile. After this, you can then request the discounted product and then purchase the product.

While you get cashback within 48 hours on your PayPal, you will be required to pay a transaction fee which can be a little disadvantage depending on your location.

Also, while there are extra bonuses for 5 star and positive reviews, a negative review can mean that your application may not be approved.

The Tier and Limit system may also not favor new clients as they may not have access to coupons for top products because of their relative inactivity.



Zondeals is the most prominent Amazon deals site that offers the best deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts. With different categories of quality products and over 50% and above off on Amazon products, you get to save up to 99% on some select products.

How to use the site:

The site has an easy-to-use system for buyers. First, you have to select the product on the website and claim the promo code, then follow the easy instructions to locate the product on Amazon and use the code to purchase the product.

Free shipping with an Amazon Prime account is one of the amazing benefits of this site.



This site offers some of the biggest deals on Amazon products with discounts of over 50% and up to 100% on Amazon coupons.

While providing access to quality products, Hunsonvine still helps you work with your budget and save some more with total rebates after writing positive reviews.

There are many free products on Amazon, and Hunsonvine provides a quick and easy site to get these products.

How to use the site:

Once you create your account and sign in, choose from the product list and select what you want to purchase. After you purchase it, you then have to post a good customer review about the product.

Once you complete this process, you can submit the review link, and you will be sent a complete refund via PayPal.

While the site offers a quick cashback, you risk not getting your refund if you write a negative review about the product, which means whether you like the product or not, you have to give a positive review to get your refund.



With a wide range of over 4000 products, this site offers massive discounts on large assortments of products ranging from electronics, kitchen tools, clothing, footwear, and many more.

Dealsgogogo is set up to provide ease to its users with its different categories such as keyword search, what’s new category making it easy to access quality products at really low prices.

How to use the site:

You have to browse through the site to select a product that you want to purchase. Then select “Request coupon code,” and you will be provided with a code that you will use to place your order on Amazon.

Once you receive the code, enter it into the text box on Amazon to discount the product.

Dealsgogogo offers free shipping for Amazon prime users and orders from $35 upwards, and you don’t have to wait for any approval after requesting before using your coupon.



Jumpsend is a site that offers discounts on products and coupons to buyers and also assists sellers in launching their products. While offering over 50% off Amazon coupons, this site is a market tool that offers a large pool of quality products.

How to use the site:

You need to create your account on Jumpsend and then select your choice of a preferred deal. Find a deal you want and request it, and then you will need to wait for the seller’s approval, and then receive the coupon code, which you will use on Amazon to access the discount on the product.

Unfortunately, Jumpsend doesn’t work with all products and only works in the UK and USA.



This site offers an immense discount on high-quality products from up-and-coming brands on Amazon, with its fast and easy process making it a great alternative for buyers. KeepMeClub offers both coupon and rebate deals with up to 100% discount on rebates and over 50% off Amazon coupons.

How to use the site:

Join KeepMeClub by adding your email on the site, and subsequently, you will begin to receive daily discounted products in your inbox from which you can select the best deal you want.

When you select the product you want, click within the email, and you will receive a coupon code which you will use on Amazon to get the discounted product.

PPOC club


This site offers rewards for testing products that you use the most. In collaboration with established brands, you can apply as a tester, and upon approval, you receive invitations for different products on your member dashboard.

Once you receive the invitation, you’ll be required to act as a shopper to order the product and pay for the product. You will then carry out basic product testing of the product, including comparing it with other products, partaking in survey answering, market research, all of which would accrue you bonus points that can be converted to cash.

You will also receive a cashback payment of above 50%, depending on the product you select to purchase.

How to use the site:

PPOC is an invite-only member program, and as such, you can only be a part when a spot opens up. In the meantime, you can create your account and join the waiting list.

While PPOC may be a great platform to receive cashback on products, the fact that you have to pay for the product before receiving any reward makes it seem illegitimate to buyers. Also, the limited access to information about the club as well is a source of concern.

Home Testers Club


This site offers product testing on a range of products, with rewards for carrying out specific tasks, including making a video about the product, comparing it to other products, and carrying out a survey. It is available for many countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, the USA, and UK.

How to use the site:

You have to create a detailed profile and apply to get selected to be able to become a member of the club.

After getting selected, you will normally take 1-3 weeks to receive your free product for testing. And you are allowed to write an honest review, even if it is a negative one.

Except for being selected, you can also act as a shopper and purchase those products, after which you will be rewarded with a cashback and other bonus points.

The offer of free registration is a great plus for the site, but issues over the point system and the fact that you have to pay for some of the products are disadvantages.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, everyone loves to save huge money on quality products, and discounts and coupons are a great way to get that done. Several sites offer you an opportunity to get amazing offers, and these 12 sites are fantastic options to check out.