7 days return policy sucks, right? No worries, you have a better target return policy out there. Target return policy is more flexible and offers you a full refund within one year of purchase. Isn’t it cool? That’s why everyone prefers this option compared to relevant others.

Multiple questions must be flashing through the mind. What’s a target return policy without a receipt? How does it work? In this article, we will answer these questions and help you deeply understand the target return policy without receipt.

What’s a Target Return Policy?

target return policy

Target return policy refers to the refund policy on the products within the one-year duration of purchase.

Does it apply to all products? No. In actuality, there are a limited

number of “Target Owned Brands” that offer the target return policy.

If you purchase inventory from those brands, you will be able to return your item if it doesn’t work as per expectations.

Really cool feature for those who are looking for some quality items. Maybe this option is limited but still, worth considering for your shopping in nearby areas.

Does The Target Return Policy Without Receipt Works?

Do you have a receipt for your purchased item? In case if it is lost or not available, you still have options to enjoy the target return policy on your items.

But, there are restrictions to this option because you need to have other evidence to substantiate your purchase. However, have a look at the following points regarding the target return policy without receipt.

  • If you made an online purchase, you might have the confirmation email or barcode to prove your purchase.
  • Item must qualify for the return policy.
  • Credit cards purchases usually have barcodes and are easy to use for target return policy without receipt.

How to Return Online Purchases At Target Return Center?


Tired of physical returns of items at Target? If yes, you have opportunities to return the items online if you made purchases online.

For all the online purchases, you have the facility to return the item at Target Return Center online. Here is a simple guide in this regard.

  • Login to your Target account from where you made purchases.
  • Tap on the option of Order.
  • Click on Return an item.
  • Choose the option of “Return by Mail.”

If you have a nearby Target.com and want to return the items physically, you have another option in this respect.

  • Print your barcode or receipt by clicking on Receipt and invoices.
  • Put it into your pocket and visit the nearby store with the eligible item.
  • Submit the receipt and get the refund in no time.

It’s that simple for you to get refunded.

Target Return Policy on Different Items

Target return policy has certain limitations one must know. For example, the time, date, and duration after you made your purchase.

In addition, item types and categories also matter while calculating your return policy eligibility.

Let’s have a look at different return policies on different items.

Target Opened Items Policy

In certainty, there are two scenarios in this case. First refers to unopened items while other to opened items. Are the policies different for both of these? Yes, but it depends on the type and category of items.

For instance, you can’t return video games after opening the box, these can be exchanged only. On the other hand, opened TV and cameras can both be returned and exchanged.

Target Electronics Return Policy

Electronics are quite popular things today due to excessive use in our homes. So, while making your purchase on the next Target shop, you must learn about its return policy first.

Typically, Target offers you 30 days for returning most of your electronics even if these are opened.

But, this rule applies to some items not all. For example, you have 30 days to be eligible for your target TV return policy while for Android smartphones, the duration decreases to 14 days. Quite interesting to see the varying differences between the Target electronics return policy.

For RedCard holders, the duration increases to 30 days extra for the target electronics return policy. Haven’t I mentioned the target camera return policy, right? The same rules apply for the camera — 30 days for return without receipt and opened box.

Target REDcard

Target Video Game Return Policy

Ah! We came to target the video game return policy again. Now, we can explain it in detail. In the case of opened video game box, you can only exchange the item but not get a refund within 30 days.

While in another case, you are allowed to get a full refund with a receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, you need to prove your purchase with a barcode or other methods.

Target Gift Card Return Policy

According to Target, all mobile gift cards are non-refundable or non-exchangeable except the physical gift cards.

You need to be very cautious while shopping for your gift cards online. As per the target gift card return policy, you need to return your physical gift card within the given duration.

Target Diaper Return Policy

Target Diaper Return Policy

Got faulty diapers? Need not be more concerned about this as the target return policy is out there to figure out every problem for you.

Either with receipt or without it, you have enough time to return. Up to 90 days are allowed to get your refund after you have purchased your item. Even 30 days more to go with your RedCard.

Target Beauty Return Policy

Beauty items are one of the most purchased inventories among all the products. So, it becomes essential for Target to provide a return policy on such items.

In this case, the beauty return policy applies for 90 days after purchase with or without a receipt. You will get 120 days if you RedCard.

Target Furniture Return Policy

Target furniture return policy applies to all the furniture articles leading to a more secure environment for shoppers.

For these types of items, you can return your item within 90 days and get a full refund. For RedCard holders, you get 30 days extra for this purpose.

Target Clothing Return Policy

Target Clothing Return Policy

The same rules apply to the target clothing return policy in stores and target stores. Usually, you can return or exchange the item within 90 days if you haven’t opened it yet.

Though the payment method is through the desired ones but mostly, you get paid the way you used while making purchases.

Target Holiday Return Policy

Concerned about your holidays? Holidays are special days for shopping. Especially at online stores, there are more than usual purchases these days.

Therefore, Target has special flexibility for you these days. From Nov 1 to December 26, you can purchase the inventory. The return policy will be counted from December 26. That’s why this is one of the essential features of Target.

FAQs for Target Return Policies


Is there a return limit?

Yes, there is a return limit regarding the duration. Above we mentioned the guarantee of 1 year for inventory but that’s doesn’t apply to all the items.

However, you should exchange most of your items within 90 days of purchase. But, if you have Target RedCard, you got another 30 days to return your inventory. By that, you have 120 days in the case of Target RedCard.

How to make the best use of the return policy?

Target return policy is designed to provide complete flexibility to the customers and make them permanent ones.

As the return policy is a considerable opportunity for you, you can keep a weather eye on the conditions of your inventory.

If they are not giving some great performances, this is the time to apply for a return from Target Owned Stores.

The benefit of Target REDcard, how to make the most of target redcard?

Target RedCard includes the following benefits.

  • Target RedCard holders enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 5% on specific items that are eligible for it.
  • Free Shipping reliefs on most of the eligible items.
  • Extra 30 days available for returning the inventory at stores.
  • Special discounts for RedCard holders especially on anniversaries and other events.

You have various options available to get the most out of your Target RedCard.

  • Make purchases at the target.com
  • Try to pay the RedCard balance in full.
  • While purchasing anything, you should choose Target.

Is there an extra return fee? Or return shipping fee?

shipping fee

Yes, there is a return for the shipping fee at Target. If you haven’t received it yet, call the center and discuss the issue.

Soon after some time, your account will be credited with the shipping fee you paid while purchasing your item.


Got some great ideas while shopping your inventory? Usually, at Target, you get exclusive benefits compared to other stores.

Target return policy is the ultimate motive of most people’s shopping. Especially if you are a RedCard holder, this is something you should go for.

While approaching Target for the return policy, you must understand all the above products’ return policies. Whether your product is eligible? How much return and in how many days can you return? These things will be even more effective while studying this scenario.