Every online shopper knows the value of a good review. On Amazon, reviews are one of the many ways to rate a product’s usefulness, hence the system of reviews is quite important.

For those who know about the benefits of being high-ranking reviewers, writing great reviews is not just a service to fellow buyers but also a means of surviving, and to enjoy the benefits of reviewing, here are a few tips on how to write a review on Amazon.

What is the Amazon Review Rank?

The Amazon review rank is a system used by amazon to rate reviewers categorizing them into reviewers with the most and least useful reviews.

Reviewers with the most useful reviews proceed to rise in the ranks of reviewers and can attain the top spot which comes with a couple of benefits, such as receive free samples for testing.

For those that are familiar with the Amazon website, at the review section, it is often common to see a small box under each review with a question asking if you’ve found the review helpful.

By answering Helpful or Report Abuse, Amazon uses the feedback to rank the level of use of every review given under each product, and reviewers with consecutive useful and acceptable reviews rise to become top reviewers on the ranks.

The basic criteria for a useful review are writing good and helpful reviews which appropriately correlate and are relatable to the product or products in question. The voting system for each review is one vote per review so reviewers always need to make sure that their reviews are great.

For those that get to be on the leader board of Amazon review ranks, they stand the chance to enjoy a few benefits which include:

  • Getting free samples of products and freebies
  • Getting Amazon Gift cards
  • Being able to try out new products for free
  • Getting cool and discounted offers from sellers who wish for them to review their products.
  • Endorsement of a Trusted Reviewer Status by Amazon. Amongst other things.

Features of a Good Amazon Review

For a review on Amazon to be considered good or great, it must possess the following features and fulfill the following criteria:

● Helpful Content

For a review to be considered good on amazon, it needs to provide helpful content to other users and buyers on the platform.

The best reviews are those that give pieces of advice on how to use the product, those that talk about the features of the product in detail, and those that provide critical opinions about the product.

● Relevant Content

Another main feature of a remarkable review is its relevance. Make sure that the content is relevant and correlates with the product in question. Promoting a product while reviewing another makes the review pointless.

Make sure that you focus solely on the product you intend to review.

● Legal Content

Make sure that whatever reviews you are posting are legal and allowed under the user laws of Amazon and that they do not infringe on any of Amazon’s review guidelines.

Posting illegal content in your reviews such as fraudulent product advertisement, fake promotions, etc, disqualify your review outrightly.

Furthermore, posting reviews after breaking the guideline laws will deem your review invalid and could lead to you possibly losing your Amazon membership.

● Moderation

A very important feature of a good review is the moderation and the honesty that comes with it. When writing a review, make sure it’s not too negative as reviews have great impacts on the buyer’s point of view about a product.

In the same vein, make sure your review isn’t extremely positive as it comes off as fake or unreal. Write moderately, be critical and be truthful with your review.

● Not too wordy

According to Amazon, the word count for a review ranges from 20-5,000 words. To write a good review, your word count should be from about 100-500 as anything longer than that would easily bore the reader and your point would not be carried across.

Make your reviews as short and concise as possible to avoid discouraging readers or scaring them off with your length explanations.


Write A Great Review on Amazon

Tips to Write Good Reviews on Amazon

If after everything you have read so far about the Amazon review rank, system, and also benefits does truly interest you and you wish to take your reviewing skills to the Reviewer’s hall of fame on Amazon and be a trusted reviewer, then here are a few tips to guide you on how to make your reviews more noticeable and good ranking worthy.

1. Write detailed reviews

One of the things that qualify your review as a great one, is your ability to fully and appropriately describe the product, its features, and its functional capacity as a show of understanding of the product and its usefulness.

To make your reviews more detailed, you can add images of the product purchased to accentuate the descriptions mentioned in your reviews and to also show the product’s functions.

In another light, you could make a short video of about a few seconds highlighting the principal features and your general take of the product as an addition to your written review.

2. Make sure your reviews are error-free

Writing a review isn’t just about muddling words on a space made available for you. You need to be able to pass a message across to other users clearly and concisely, using the appropriate language and without grammatical errors.

Once you’ve written your reviews, check out for spelling and grammar errors and correct them. Make sure the language and words flow together and flow smoothly and make sure that your choice of words makes understanding your review easy for any reader even those that are experts.

3. Make use of the Amazon Reviewing analysis tool

For those that are truly into the reviewing business, getting software such as the Amazon reviewing analysis tool is a great way to ensure that you produce great Amazon reviews without stress.

The software which is easy to download and install allows you to see and read a thorough analysis of your reviews, sort your reviews based on their star rankings, and also helps you track your ranking on Amazon.

With this, you can follow up on how well your reviews will be perceived and know what you need to change or adjust to make them better and to raise your ranks.

4. Promote your reviews online

Another great way to get your reviews more publicity and a better reputation is to promote them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

To do so, you need to link your Amazon account with your social media platforms by granting these platforms access to your information on Amazon and vice-versa.

That way, every time you drop a review on Amazon, you can create a bigger PR for it via your accounts and get more users to see your critical reviews, spread the word will also help you vote your reviews to higher ranks.

5. Review top-selling products and focus on specific categories

Although you can review any kind of product on Amazon, reviewing the top-selling products gives you an edge in the ranking race.

The reason for this is that the more popular the product you are reviewing is, the higher your chances of getting a good ranking for it. Search for top-selling products, buy the ones you can, and review them for a better edge at good reviews.

And more importantly, make sure you focus on specific categories like household utensils and equipment, footwear, and so on. That way, you can eliminate unnecessary competition and have a more focused niche of reviewing.

Amazon Review Example and Analysis

Here are two review examples of the same product a popular shoe being sold on Amazon.

The first review

first review

This review was found useful by 225 people. It fits the criteria of a detailed review as it’s descriptive in terms of its features, usefulness, and also its pros and cons. All in one simple review.

The second review

second review

Compared to the previous review, these reviews are simple and not as detailed or critical, thereby providing very little information to other users.

How to Leave a Review on Amazon?

To leave a review on Amazon for any product, there are two ways to do so: buy or without buying.

First, you need to have a user account on Amazon and you have spent more than $50 for buying any items with your credit card in 12 months.  Once you can fulfill these criteria, you are eligible to leave a review on Amazon.

You can leave 5 or fewer reviews a week without purchasing any items on Amazon. Amazon allows buyers to easily sharing their reviews on items even though they have never bought them. These are the so-called ‘‘non-verified purchase’’ reviews.

Whereas, buyers can leave a real review with an Amazon Verified Purchase badge, indicating that they have purchased the product on Amazon.

This kind of Verified Purchase review is much more powerful and trustful, and also weighs more heavily by Amazon’s ranking algorithm.



If you are just finding out about the power of Amazon reviews and what you stand to gain from them, and you wish to up your reviews game, above all some simple and effective tips to write a good review on Amazon.

Things such as attention to detail, focusing on specific categories amongst other things are ways you can push your reviews to become better and enjoy becoming part of the high-ranking reviews on the block.