Death, a higher percentage of us are scared to talk or even think about it.

However, it’s bound to happen to us at some point in our lives.

This life-changing scenario can weigh us down in cases where we’re focused on our employment.

However, companies like Walmart provide a Walmart bereavement policy that allows their employees to handle the loss of their loved ones.

What does this policy entail? Let’s find out below.

What’s Walmart Bereavement Policy?

Walmart Bereavement policy is a paid, 3-day off that employees at Walmart take if their immediate family member passes away.

As we shall see below, the immediate family member can also extend to someone the employee cohabits within their home.

In addition, such employees can request additional non-paid days apart from the standard three days. However, the extra days are not paid for by the policy.

Who Is Considered Immediate Family For Walmart Bereavement Leave?

Walmart bereavement policy guidelines define immediate family as someone related to their employees either by marriage, birth, adoption, civil union, and domestic cohabitation.

Such people include children, parents, spouses, grandparents, siblings, or anyone the employee cohabits within their home. The policy also extends to cousins, uncles, aunties, nephews, or nieces.

You can get further information on those who qualify as an immediate family from your faculty manager or HR representative.

How Many Days Does Walmart Give For Bereavement?

Walmart bereavement policy guidelines provide a maximum of 3 days as their standard bereavement.

However, the employee can request the manager or the HR representative for more days outside work.

When the number of days required by the employee exceeds three days, they will request a leave of absence.

The HR representative, faculty manager, and store are responsible for granting the employees leave. These representatives usually decide on the leave length based on these factors:

  • The closeness between the employee and the deceased a stronger relationship between the employee and the deceased can warrant more leave.
  • Travel times taken by the employee to be with their family, attend the funeral, or any other related event. A longer travel time translates to more leave.
  • Anticipated impact on the Company the likely impact of the employee’s absence on the operations affects the leave.
  • Previous leave taken by the employee within the past 12 months.

Do You Get Paid For Bereavement Leave On Walmart?

Walmart Bereavement

Walmart bereavement policy pays you during the standard 3-day bereavement period. This payment excludes any other leave that exceeds that 3-day window. Note that this payment only applies to regular and not temporary employees.

Therefore you will get a partial payment if your leave exceeds three days or full payment when your leave is three days or less. Here’s how you will calculate your pay:

Payment for the maximum three days= Your regular hourly pay rate* the actual number of hours you’d have worked during your usual days.

Your store manager or supervisor requires you to fill a paper time adjustment. This paper allows the company to process your bereavement pay.

Furthermore, Walmart provides you with Walmart paycheck stubs that enable you to track your payment status.

Walmart Bereavement Policy For Part-Time Job

Is there a bereavement policy for people who work part-time? The short answer is yes.

Walmart policy on bereavement provides a bereavement leave for both part-time and full-time workers. They will also be paid during this bereavement time up to a standard period of three days.

However, this pay excludes temporary workers. Temporary workers are those employees who perform their jobs for a short period, that’s a year or even less. They are granted leave without pay.

How To Get Bereavement At Walmart?

Inform the faculty manager/HR representative early enough of your need for bereavement leave.

You will then submit a leave request to Sedgwick. You can now request and manage your leave online through Sedgwick’s my Sedgwick system.

Alternatively, you can call Sedgwick via 800-492-5678. Sedgwick is Walmart’s third-party administrator that administers leaves of absence.

Sedgwick requires you to complete a formal request and have it approved. This third-party administrator checks your eligibility, sends your request for approval, and monitors your leave.  Your formal request should have these details:

  • Walmart Identification Number
  • Personal contact information
  • Leave reason i.e. bereavement
  • Leave dates, whether it is continuous or intermittent
  • Your most recent work schedule for two weeks.

Once the system approves your request, your manager/ HR representative will, at their discretion, grant you a paid 3-day leave if you’re a regular worker. You can also present to them any concerns regarding your relationship with the deceased.

Note that this request procedure applies for all days i.e. when you need the 3-day bereavement off and other personal leave of absence that exceeds three days.


Walmart has an employee population of over 2.2 million.  They use their Walmart bereavement policy to support all these employees when people close in their lives pass away.

However, the employees should go through this policy’s guidelines to know how it applies to their specific situations.