A Walmart gift card is a pre-purchased credit offered at Walmart stores as viable alternatives to credit cards. Checking your Walmart gift card balance is easy and comes with no stress.

It takes only a few minutes and requires you to provide certain information like the PIN, which can be found at the back of the card. Let’s find out more about it.

How To Check For Your Walmart Gift Card Balance In Seconds

Your Walmart gift card is loaded with specific amounts of money, which you can use to purchase your choice items at your favorite Walmart stores.

In time, however, you may desire to know your Walmart gift card balance in order to avoid any hassles at the pay points. Walmart gift cards come in two forms: standard, which can also be plastic and digital cards.

Your Walmart gift card inquiry can take any of the following ways:

  1. Via phone
  2. In-person
  3. Online

Checking your Walmart gift card balance using your phone involves putting a call across to Walmart’s customer support. While doing so, it is advised to keep your Walmart gift card handy as their representative would request specific information from your card.

Upon inputting the information in their system, the representative will inform you of the balance available on your gift card.

Performing an inquiry into your Walmart gift card balance can also be done in person. This usually involves you going to the nearest Walmart store near you.

While at their store, seek a shop assistant who would require the details on your Walmart gift card immediately you make your intentions known. The shop assistant would then inform you of your available balance.

Another way you can check for your Walmart gift card balance is online. To access your Walmart gift card balance online, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Visit the firm’s official site, search and click on the Department icon, and then choose gift cards.
  • Scroll and click on the ‟check card balance” tab. After that, you have to input your gift card redemption code and the PIN, which is located at the back of your gift card.
  • After which, you click on ‟get card balance.” Your current Walmart gift card balance will be displayed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions For Walmart Gift Card Balance

1. Where can I purchase the Walmart Visa Gift Card?

The Walmart Visa Gift Card is one of the most widely used Walmart gift cards and it is accepted everywhere debit cards are required. The Walmart Visa gift card can be bought at Walmart stores or online or anywhere gift cards are sold.

Simply find the gift card tower and pick your Visa gift card. After which, you pay any amount you want on the card.

2. How do you register a Walmart gift card? Can you use it without registering?

Upon purchase of your Walmart gift card, the next step is registering your gift card to activate it for usage. You must register the git card if you wish to shop online.

No activation shall be needed for gift cards less than $250, e-gift cards, and gift cards that are part of a giant or bulk purchase.

Registration is required to ensure security and unwarranted 3rd party access. Registration involves an email sent by Walmart to the email address provided on the account the order for the gift card was made.

Follow the instructions alongside the password contained in the email to register your Walmart gift card to activate for usage. Registration is not required for all gift cards and is usually only required for gift cards purchased in one order of 25 cards or more than $250.

3. How to check Walmart gift card history?

If you want to check your Walmart gift card history, you may wish to adopt any of the following methods. You could carry out the inquiry into your gift card history by going to a Walmart store near you.

While you’re there, the cashier or shop assistant can enter a code in the register that asks for your card history. After which, the entire transaction history on your gift card can be printed if you wish to do so.

Another method to check your gift card history is to upload the card number on the Walmart App by using your smartphone. You can then view your gift card history together with the balance on the App.

4. Can you transfer the Walmart gift card balance to another card?

While some gift cards permit the transfer of balance from one card to another card, the balance on your Walmart gift card cannot be transferred to another card.

5. Can you transfer the gift card balance to PayPal?

While it is common sometimes to receive gift cards you may not need, it is possible to transfer the balance on such gift cards for cash on your PayPal.

However, such gift cards have to be pre-paid gift cards to enable the transfer. After which, you can use the funds for any purchase you may desire.

6. Do Walmart gift cards expire?

Your Walmart gift cards do not expire. However, the Walmart Visa Gift Cards may not be used upon the expiration date on the Walmart Visa Gift Card.

Nonetheless, the funds on your Walmart Visa Card do not expire and remain available even after the expiry date.

7. Where can I use my gift cards?

A gift card is a valid means of tender and can be used to make purchases at all points where it is required, such as at gas stations, supermarkets, stores, restaurants, hotels, and any other place where a gift card is accepted.

What is most important is that if the gift card is loaded with money to enable purchase where it is required or accepted.

8. Do Walmart Visa Gift Cards Work on Amazon?

Walmart and Amazon are two of the world’s largest retailers and therefore

competitors. As competitors, they do not have direct affiliations with each other.

The most recognized gift card on Amazon is the Amazon gift card, and as a result, using other forms of gift cards such as the Walmart Visa Gift Card could be tricky.

However, since most visa gift cards come pre-paid, they can be used to make purchases on Amazon, but it would involve working around the system to enable this.

This is due to the fact that Amazon does not permit split payments between gift cards, and as such, customers would have to arrange the prices of the purchase items with your gift card balance.

9. Can I withdraw cash from my gift card balance?

Yes. The necessary caveat is that such a gift card has to be a pre-paid gift card in order to be able to withdraw the balance available on the card on any automated teller machine or ATM.

However, some pre-paid gift cards and gift card issuers do not allow the withdrawal of the balance on their gift cards.

10. What if my gift card was lost or stolen?

In the unfortunate event that your gift card goes missing due to being lost or stolen or any other reason, you do not have to panic as specific steps can be taken to redeem it.

Usually, certain information such as the PIN or gift card number and other information comes with a gift card depending on the card issuer. Upon losing your gift card, call customer service for the merchant that issued the card.

You can enquire to know if the card had been used without your permission, in which case you would request them to cancel the card and a replacement would be made in its place.

11. Does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards?

No. Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards as both retailers are direct competitors and do not share affiliations of any kind.

So, customers would have to purchase Amazon gift cards from Amazon stores or other outlets where they are sold at.

12. Does Walmart sell eBay gift cards?

No. Walmart does not sell eBay gift cards either in their stores or online at their website.

eBay gift cards can, however, be bought at Kroger, Dollar General, CVS, Target, and other outlets where eBay cards can be purchased from.

13.  Can you check your balance without a pin? How to find Walmart gift card pin?

Your Walmart gift card PIN is a unique and special Personal Identification Number. The PIN is commonly located at the back of your Walmart gift card, just below the bottom right corner.

The pin is very essential for the performance of an action on your gift card, such as a Walmart gift card balance inquiry. So, if you do not have your PIN, it would not be possible to check for your Walmart gift card balance.


Walmart is one of the biggest retailers globally, and their gift cards have been hailed as the most very innovative approach for shopping. So, do you desire to shop at Walmart?

Choose their gift cards and load them with cash for the best shopping experiences possible!