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Latest updated free cat stuff

Free 5-Piece Set of Silvervine Sticks and Mint Indoor Cat Toys Interactive Silvervine Cat Catnip Toy Indoor Cat Chew Toys Cat Teeth Cleaning Kitten Teething

attractive force:The natural and unprocessed cat toys used for indoor cat interaction are of high quality, safe, natural and harmless, and have a strong appeal to the cat’s sense of smell. The cat is very happy after seeing it, and is more intimate and likes interacting with the owner.Application effect:Silvervine cat chew stick can effectively remove dental plaque and tartar, protect oral health, remove bad breath, clean cat teeth, prevent gum disease, and relieve anxiety while interactingtexture of material:Polygonum civorum is 100%, organic and safe. The raffia and insect fruit on the cat's paw toy are natural materials that attract cats to play. It can make your cat feel calm and relaxed, and at the same time increase the cat's exercise volume, keep the body healthy and happy.High performance: 95% of cats like mint or silver vine. We created them together to ensure that your cat will like it efficiently. Purr, very cute, your cat will be strongly attracted and react like chewing, rubbing, rolling, running, licking,It can also promote the cat’s digestionThe product is handmade and made of natural and harmless materials. It is strong, but damage to the product cannot be ruled out during the cat's long-term bite. Therefore, we will sell products at reasonable prices, and continue to improve products and increase the diversity of styles, hoping to bring happiness to cats 5-in-1 set 95% of cats will like this product,The raw material is the branches and leaves of mint and Polygonum civorum,Pure and natural, harmless to cats Notice 1.This product is made by hand. It is not ruled out that the product is damaged during the cat's strong bite. 2.The body of the butterfly and the green ball-shaped accessories are all natural and will not harm the cat 3.We are constantly improving our products. The material of butterfly wings will be different. According to the measured cat’s love level, we will put the cats’ favorites on the market. mint or silver vine 95% of cats like mint or silver vine.your cat will be strongly attracted and react like chewing keep the body healthy and happy. Effect Silver vine cat chew stick can effectively remove dental plaque and tartar, protect oral health, remove bad breath, clean cat teeth, prevent gum disease, and relieve anxiety while interacting

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Free Tarnel Interactive Wooden Cat Toy Double Layer Rotating Smart Track Ball Swing Roller Gifts Turntable Bamboo Toy for Cats

【Unlimited Fun】A large collection of elements cats like, 1 shaking tail, 2 cute little bells, 3 cute cat floors and colorful balls that satisfy the nature of the moving objects for unlimited fun. 【Solid and Durable】Solid wood base is stable and stable, cannot be easily turned over by pets, resistant to biting and wear and tear, solid and durable. 【Unshaped Ball】The wooden ball fits on the rail can stimulate the cat's strong curiosity and not easily fall out and is not deformed by the cat. 【Print Release】It is a healthy little helper for increasing the amount of exercise. Not only can it train the cat's body, but it can also release the cat's pressure. 【High Quality】Fresh wood color is full of nature's warmth with exquisite polish. Detailed results in high quality.

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Free Aumuca Interactive Cat Feather Toys

About this item 【Cat feather Toy with Collar】 You can wear this tiktok cat toy on the ankle, tie it to the cat tree, cat bed, or wear it to the cat’s neck, endless possibilities waiting for you to discover. Silicone accessory designed with an adjustable buckle is suitable for cats of any size, and its skin-friendly and elastic material makes cats comfortable when wearing it. 【Funny Interactive Cat Toys】 As the feathers wave like a bird, our kitten toys stimulate your cat's hunting instincts. The chasing game will make cats flipping, jumping, pouncing, doing a lot of exercise while playing. Using this feather cat toys will enhance the relationship between cats and you, keeping your cat fit and happy! 【High Quality Materials】 Cat collar made from food grade silicone is lightweight and soft. Feathers with health dyes inspire cat’s wildness. The spring made of flexible metal material can be restored to the original shape after bending. Using this kitty toys, cat-teasing is no longer a tough job for you. 【Healthy & Lively Cats】 These cat toys for indoor cats can provide hours of exercise & self-amusement. With these toys, say goodbye to the boring time. It will help to increase their movement & keep fit healthy, release cat's extra energy to achieve weight loss, stabilize their nervous emotion. 【No Worry Purchase】 If you or your cats don’t love this cat toy wand for any reason, please let us know freely by contacting the seller, we are always here to provide return or replacement customer service.

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Free Lylyzoo Interactive Cat Toys Magic Box, Feline Toy Boxes, Bouncing Feathers Game for Cats Ambush Teasing Catching Toy

? Lylyzoo Magic Box is an excellent and smart interactive cat toy. The automatic device gives your cat a moving target to keep your kitty engaged and entertained for hours. ? This ambush electronic cat toy is made from high-quality and non-toxic ABS plastic with built-in hiding holes. A white feather will pop out from one of the 7 holes at random. ? As the movements are automatic and unpredictable, much like a little mouse, which will stimulate your cats mentally and physically and encourage them to investigate ? Your cat will have tons of fun trying to catch the hairy tails and pull them out. Meanwhile it can teach your cat essential life skills that they would learn in the wild such as chasing, scratching, investigating, and stalking. ? Awesome for kitten, junior, teen cats. Even adult and geriatric cat can’t resist the exciting feather-flying action that can help them to prevent boredom and encourage exercise. Features an 5-minute auto standby feature that helps to extend your battery life. The best toys your cat will love.

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Free CHUKCHI 2PCS Breakaway Cat Collars with Bowtie and Bell Golden Stars Pattern Safety Kitten Collars, Adjustable from 7.0-12.5 Inch

【Charming Patterns】Beautiful golden stars and special technology to make the surface shiny. It is no exaggeration to say that it looks better than the pictures. With our cat collars, your cat will always stands out strikingly. 【Adjustable Size】Our kitten collars are adjustable from 7.0-12.5 inches, 2/5 inches in width. Please measure your cat' s neck girth before purchasing. 【Comfortable Collars】The breakaway cat collars with bowtie and bell are made of high quality nylon, soft to the touch, Allow your cat to wear it everyday comfortably. 【Absolute Safety】Cute Kitty Breakaway buckle is easy to take on and off. When you exert pressure, it will release quickly. So it won't hurt your cat. 【Stars Bow Tie】The pattern of the bow is intimately designed and matches the collar, Making your boys and girls eye-catching. Removable and Replaceable.

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Free LTBLBY Portable Backpack Expandable Traveling

[Clear Window and Expandable Design]:The pet carrier backpack has transparent windows so that the cat can see everything in the cat backpack. Easily extended to a big tent bed can provide more play space and rest time. [Excellent Ventilation]:With the space capsule style and transparent window design of the dog carrier backpacks, you can carry the backpack in front or in front. There are 9 large ventilation holes on both sides and front and back. The left and right ventilation nets ensure fresh air for pets. [Safe to use]:Made of high-quality oxford cloth,waterproof,anti-scratch,environmentally friendly,let your pet breathe freely and relax.Sturdy strap and safety buckle. [Enjoy Trips with Your Pet]:This small animal carrier is light and portable. You can use it to carry a small dog or cat to ride a bicycle, hike, camp, go for a walk or meet friends. [Unique Design]:The capsule design of the cat bubble backpack makes the bag cute, stylish, lightweight, without weight, and you will become the focal point of the crowd.

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Newest free stuff you may like

VIVOHOME 4-Tier 49 Inch Collapsible Metal Cat Kitten Ferret Cage 360° Rotating Casters Enclosure Pet Playpen with Ramp Ladders Hammock and Bed

CREATIVE DESIGN - Apart from 4 tiers and 3 ramps, VIVOHOME collapsible cat cage is also equipped with a hanging hammack and a soft mat, just like a amusement park for the lovely cats. Large enouge for 1-3 cats playing together; Dimension: 32”(L)*22”(W)*49"(H) STURDY & SAFE FRAME - Made of premium low-carbon steel covered with a black powder coating, the frame is very sturdy and durable, which can greatly resist rust and corrosion; Only 1 inch (24mm) interval between each wires, small enough for cat to climb or jump without injury, ensuring the safety for your lovely cat EASY TO MOVE & CLEAN - 4 swivel casters with brake feature allow for mobility in all directions by providing 360° of rotation, which make this cage easy to move and transport anywhere; All shelvings and slide-out tray can be easily removed for easy cleaning 2 FRONT OPENINGS - 2 oversized front doors with secure latches offer easy access and exit not only for cats, but also other small animals like guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and more; This thoughtful design is also helpful to feed your cats and clean up their trash QUICK SET-UP & STORAG - The cat cage is designed to assemble and knock down with ease and quick; Humanization design allows you easily install it within 30 minutes, also it's fully fold down for convenient storage & portability when not in use

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GOODGROWLIES Natural Antibiotic for Dogs and Cats - Kennel Cough Medicine for Pets - Immune System Booster - Allergy Relief Health Supplement - UTI Treatment - Made in USA - 2oz

POWERFUL IMMUNE BOOST - use these herbal drops to boost pets immunity and provide general health support, especially for senior pets. KENNEL COUGH TREATMENT - herbal ingredients will help your pet overcome coughing and wheezing. Works well and fast for dry, wet or barky cough, as well as soothing irritated throat or relieve other respiratory issues. NATURAL INGREDIENTS - unique herbal formula that includes Pau D’arco, Ginger, Oregano, Clove, Echinacea. The formula has zero negatively affect on all-important gut florá. EASY TO USE - liquid formula makes this herbal drops easy to use and dispense - just add these drops into your pet's food or drink as per chart on the bottle. No hassle with pills, tablets or chews that your pet won't eat. MADE IN USA - vet formulated and manufactured in USA in GMP and FDA registered facility. All ingredients used in its formula are sourced in USA as well.

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VIVOHOME Collapsible Double Doors Live Animal Cage Trap for Racoons Cats Squirrels Opossum Ground Hog 36 x 10 x 12 Inch

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made from high-quality galvanized wire mesh with steel reinforcements, this animal cage boasts great rust and corrosion resistance, and will hold up for a long time in any weather conditionSENSITIVE TRIGGERS - Features gravity action doors and a sensitive trigger. The trap cage can capture the animal in micro-seconds and ensures the safety of animals and prevents them from fast escapes. Designed with 2 spring-loaded doors that greatly increase the success rate of trapping. The mesh opening is smaller to avoid escapes or stolen baitPORTABLE & CRUELTY-FREE - The large handle guard ensures your safety during transportation while smoothed internal edges prevent you and animals from getting injured. You can release the animals from either direction of the 2 doors; easily release animals without harming themEASY TO INSTALL - Comes with assembly instructions. It is also collapsible for storage in your garage, shed, attic or any other place without taking up too much roomDIMENSIONS - Overall product dimension: 36" (L) x 10" (W) x 12" (H). Suitable for humanely trapping raccoon, stray cats, rabbits, armadillos, groundhogs, opossums, skunks, woodchucks, muskrats, and similar-size nuisance animals

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PETACARE Professional Rolling Stand Pet Dryer. Super Powerful Dog Grooming Blower, Smart LED Screen, Not Vibrating and Never Get Rust, for Private/Business Use, Whole Year Warranty! (110V)

THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR KEEPING YOUR PET HEALTHY: Dry your beloved pet right after his/her shower or after a walk in the rain using a strong, warm stream of air. Prevent him/her from catching a cold; keep your pet healthy and warm on cold days. A healthy pet is a happy pet! METICULOUS AESTHETIC & CLEANLINESS: Wet fur tends to be a dirt and dust magnet. As a result, unpleasant odors and smells of mold and moisture may be an issue. Our powerful dryer dries your pet’s fur and prevents this problem from happening; prevention is always better than cure. A good drying will not only keep your pet’s fur looking clean and smelling great but also shiny and fresh. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY & SAFETY: Both the user friendly interface and the LED display will offer the user FULL control of the temperature and airflow settings. As an added safety measure, our smart dryer is fully equipped with cutting edge technology that prevents the unit from reaching high temperatures for low air current settings; this prevents any fur or skin damage. SAVE TIME & MONEY: We at PETACARE are environmentally conscious and strive for a greener today and tomorrow. Our sophisticated motor is equipped with advanced energy-saving measures that will translate to lower power consumptions without compromising performance. DURABILITY: We have built the dryer with durability in mind. The stainless steel body prevents any rust build up which ensures that this unit will serve you for years to come, be it in commercial or personal applications. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: With us, you can rest assured that we at PETACARE put the utmost commitment to ensure that our quality control is nothing short of stringent. Every component and part is meticulously sourced to ensure that quality standards are met. Our 1-year full warranty guarantees that we stand firm fully behind our product.

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mihealpet Pet Grooming Beauty Glove

Silica gel comb tooth: cat tongue design, soft silica gel material, It feels like soft massage while using this grooming gloves to clean pet's hair. Your dogs & cats will love it! Thickened fabric: Thickened polyester fabric, thick and comfortable, anti-bite and anti-grab. Porous ventilation: Dense porous design, thick without feeling hot. Best personal pet care for your lovely furry friend, worthwhile for your pet. Adjustable and Comfortable Fit: The pet glove can fit all hand sizes by adjusting the Velcro wrist strap. With adjustable Velcro strap, the pet grooming gloves can be easily put on and ensure snug fit for various wrists. Five Finger Design: This Five finger design gloves allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like tail or face. The layer of fur is easy to peel off from the glove, and the more you collect the easier it gets. Perfect for long, short and curly haired dogs, cats, and other pets.

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Perhaps you've considered switching your cat's food brand. Perhaps they aren't liking it, or you wish to try a grain-free, limited-ingredient, or other specialist diet.

As much as we all adore our cats, they can be finicky. It might be discouraging to spend $50 on a new type of cat chow only to have your beloved pet reject it.

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